Aiguo Song
Aiguo Song
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贾伯年, 俞朴, 上海交通大学
东南大学出版社, 1992
On the security of 3D Cat map based symmetric image encryption scheme
K Wang, L Zou, A Song, Z He
Physics Letters A 343 (6), 432-439, 2005
A novel self-decoupled four degree-of-freedom wrist force/torque sensor
A Song, J Wu, G Qin, W Huang
Measurement 40 (9-10), 883-891, 2007
Wavelet transform time-frequency image and convolutional network-based motor imagery EEG classification
B Xu, L Zhang, A Song, C Wu, W Li, D Zhang, G Xu, H Li, H Zeng
Ieee Access 7, 6084-6093, 2018
A wireless power outlet system for smart homes
G Song, F Ding, W Zhang, A Song
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 54 (4), 1688-1691, 2008
Virtual-environment modeling and correction for force-reflecting teleoperation with time delay
L Huijun, S Aiguo
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 54 (2), 1227-1233, 2007
Pattern recognition of motor imagery EEG using wavelet transform
BG Xu, AG Song
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering 1 (1), 64, 2008
A novel texture sensor for fabric texture measurement and classification
A Song, Y Han, H Hu, J Li
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 63 (7), 1739-1747, 2013
EOG artifact correction from EEG recording using stationary subspace analysis and empirical mode decomposition
H Zeng, A Song, R Yan, H Qin
Sensors 13 (11), 14839-14859, 2013
Control system design for an upper-limb rehabilitation robot
G Xu, A Song, H Li
Advanced Robotics 25 (1-2), 229-251, 2011
Adaptive impedance control for upper-limb rehabilitation robot using evolutionary dynamic recurrent fuzzy neural network
G Xu, A Song, H Li
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 62, 501-525, 2011
A bio-inspired jumping robot: Modeling, simulation, design, and experimental results
J Zhang, G Song, Y Li, G Qiao, A Song, A Wang
Mechatronics 23 (8), 1123-1140, 2013
An immune evolutionary algorithm for sphericity error evaluation
X Wen, A Song
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 44 (10), 1077-1084, 2004
A hybrid sensor network system for home monitoring applications
G Song, Z Wei, W Zhang, A Song
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 53 (4), 1434-1439, 2007
Small teleoperated robot for nuclear radiation and chemical leak detection
K Qian, A Song, J Bao, H Zhang
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 9 (3), 70, 2012
Combined convex technique on delay-dependent stability for delayed neural networks
T Li, T Wang, A Song, S Fei
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 24 (9), 1459-1466, 2013
An improved genetic algorithm for planar and spatial straightness error evaluation
X Wen, A Song
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 43 (11), 1157-1162, 2003
Deep neural networks for sensor-based human activity recognition using selective kernel convolution
W Gao, L Zhang, W Huang, F Min, J He, A Song
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 70, 1-13, 2021
A finger-shaped tactile sensor for fabric surfaces evaluation by 2-dimensional active sliding touch
H Hu, Y Han, A Song, S Chen, C Wang, Z Wang
Sensors 14 (3), 4899-4913, 2014
A mobile sensor network system for monitoring of unfriendly environments
G Song, Y Zhou, F Ding, A Song
Sensors 8 (11), 7259-7274, 2008
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