Masaaki Tanaka
Masaaki Tanaka
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Interface roughness scattering in GaAs/AlAs quantum wells
H Sakaki, T Noda, K Hirakawa, M Tanaka, T Matsusue
Applied physics letters 51 (23), 1934-1936, 1987
A spin metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor using half-metallic-ferromagnet contacts for the source and drain
S Sugahara, M Tanaka
Applied Physics Letters 84 (13), 2307-2309, 2004
Large Tunneling Magnetoresistance in GaMnAs AlAs GaMnAs Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Tunnel Junctions
M Tanaka, Y Higo
Physical Review Letters 87 (2), 026602, 2001
Core-level photoemission study of
J Okabayashi, A Kimura, O Rader, T Mizokawa, A Fujimori, T Hayashi, ...
Physical Review B 58 (8), R4211, 1998
Measurement of the inclusive jet cross section using the algorithm in collisions at <?format ?> with the CDF II detector
A Abulencia, J Adelman, T Affolder, T Akimoto, MG Albrow, D Ambrose, ...
Physical Review D—Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology 75 (9), 092006, 2007
High Temperature Ferromagnetism in GaAs-Based Heterostructures with Mn Doping
AM Nazmul, T Amemiya, Y Shuto, S Sugahara, M Tanaka
Physical Review Letters 95 (1), 017201, 2005
Ferromagnetism and high Curie temperature in semiconductor heterostructures with Mn δ-doped GaAs and -type selective doping
AM Nazmul, S Sugahara, M Tanaka
Physical Review B 67 (24), 241308, 2003
Search for dark matter in association with a Higgs boson decaying to two photons at with the ATLAS detector
M Aaboud, G Aad, B Abbott, O Abdinov, B Abeloos, SH Abidi, ...
Physical review D 96 (11), 112004, 2017
Magnetic interactions in a ferromagnetic honeycomb nanoscale network
M Tanaka, E Saitoh, H Miyajima, T Yamaoka, Y Iye
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (5), 052411, 2006
Underlying event in hard interactions at the Fermilab Tevatron collider
D Acosta, T Affolder, MG Albrow, D Ambrose, D Amidei, K Anikeev, ...
Physical Review D—Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology 70 (7), 072002, 2004
One atomic layer heterointerface fluctuations in GaAs-AlAs quantum well structures and their suppression by insertion of smoothing period in molecular beam epitaxy
H Sakaki, M Tanaka, J Yoshino
Japanese journal of applied physics 24 (6A), L417, 1985
Epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic ultrathin MnGa films with perpendicular magnetization on GaAs
M Tanaka, JP Harbison, J DeBoeck, T Sands, B Philips, TL Cheeks, ...
Applied physics letters 62 (13), 1565-1567, 1993
Measurement of distributions sensitive to the underlying event in inclusive Z-boson production in collisions at TeV with the ATLAS detector
ATLAS Collaboration atlas. publications@ cern. ch, G Aad, B Abbott, ...
The European Physical Journal C 74, 1-33, 2014
Electromotive force and huge magnetoresistance in magnetic tunnel junctions
PN Hai, S Ohya, M Tanaka, SE Barnes, S Maekawa
Nature 458 (7237), 489-492, 2009
(GaMn) As: GaAs-based III–V diluted magnetic semiconductors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
T Hayashi, M Tanaka, T Nishinaga, H Shimada, H Tsuchiya, Y Otuka
Journal of crystal growth 175, 1063-1068, 1997
Epitaxial orientation and magnetic properties of MnAs thin films grown on (001) GaAs: Template effects
M Tanaka, JP Harbison, MC Park, YS Park, T Shin, GM Rothberg
Applied physics letters 65 (15), 1964-1966, 1994
Search for W W/W Z resonance production in ℓνqq final states in pp collisions at TeV with the ATLAS detector
M Aaboud, G Aad, B Abbott, B Abeloos, SH Abidi, OS AbouZeid, ...
Journal of high energy physics 2018 (3), 1-45, 2018
Atomistic models of interface structures of GaAs-AlxGa1− xAs (x= 0.2− 1) quantum wells grown by interrupted and uninterrupted MBE
M Tanaka, H Sakaki
Journal of crystal Growth 81 (1-4), 153-158, 1987
Magneto-optic effect of the ferromagnetic diluted magnetic semiconductor
K Ando, T Hayashi, M Tanaka, A Twardowski
Journal of applied physics 83 (11), 6548-6550, 1998
Search for diboson resonances in hadronic final states in 139 fb of collisions at TeV with the ATLAS detector
ATLAS collaboration
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.08589, 2019
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