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Animesh Agarwal
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Observed mechanism for the breakup of small bundles of cellulose Iα and Iβ in ionic liquids from molecular dynamics simulations
BD Rabideau, A Agarwal, AE Ismail
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (13), 3469-3479, 2013
The role of the cation in the solvation of cellulose by imidazolium-based ionic liquids
BD Rabideau, A Agarwal, AE Ismail
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Excess equimolar radius of liquid drops
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Path integral molecular dynamics within the grand canonical-like adaptive resolution technique: Simulation of liquid water
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Adaptive resolution molecular dynamics technique: Down to the essential
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Grand-canonical adaptive resolution centroid molecular dynamics: Implementation and application
A Agarwal, L Delle Site
Computer Physics Communications 206, 26-34, 2016
Path integral-GC-AdResS simulation of a large hydrophobic solute in water: a tool to investigate the interplay between local microscopic structures and quantum delocalization …
A Agarwal, C Clementi, L Delle Site
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Adaptive resolution simulation in equilibrium and beyond
H Wang, A Agarwal
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Molecular Dynamics of Open Systems: Construction of a Mean‐Field Particle Reservoir
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Computing long time scale biomolecular dynamics using quasi-stationary distribution kinetic Monte Carlo (QSD-KMC)
A Agarwal, NW Hengartner, S Gnanakaran, AF Voter
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Computational efficiency and Amdahl’s law for the adaptive resolution simulation technique
C Junghans, A Agarwal, L Delle Site
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Path Integral Techniques in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Open Boundary Systems
A Agarwal
Adaptive Resolution Simulation as a Grand Canonical Molecular Dynamics Scheme: Principles, Applications and Perspectives
L Delle Site, A Agarwal, C Junghans, H Wang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.4540, 2014
Machine Learning-driven Multiscale Modeling Reveals Lipid-Dependent Dynamics of RAS Signaling Proteins
F Streitz, H Ingolfsson, C Neale, T Carpenter, R Shrestha, C Lopez, T Tran, ...
Arbitrarily accurate representation of atomistic dynamics via Markov Renewal Processes
A Agarwal, S Gnanakaran, N Hengartner, AF Voter, D Perez
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.11623, 2020
Modeling and scale-bridging using machine learning: nanoconfinement effects in porous media
N Lubbers, A Agarwal, Y Chen, S Son, M Mehana, Q Kang, S Karra, ...
Scientific Reports 13312 (10), 2020
Machine Learning for Estimating Methane Distribution in 2-D Nano-pores
H Wu, A Agarwal, J E Santos, M Mehana, HS Viswanathan, N Lubbers
AGUFM 2019, H31K-1860, 2019
Identification of KRAS membrane bound states using an integrated computational and experimental approach
AG Stephen, A Agarwal, AE Garcia, GS Gnanakaran, J Hettige, C Neale, ...
Cancer Research 79 (13 Supplement), 3373-3373, 2019
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