Luca De Nardis
Luca De Nardis
Associate professor, Sapienza University of Rome
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Overview of the IEEE 802.15. 4/4a standards for low data rate Wireless Personal Data Networks
L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto
2007 4th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication, 285-289, 2007
Cognitive satellite terrestrial radios
S Kandeepan, L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto, A Guidotti, GE Corazza
2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM 2010, 1-6, 2010
(UWB)2: Uncoordinated, Wireless, Baseborn Medium Access for UWB Communication Networks
MGD Benedetto, L De Nardis, M Junk, G Giancola
Mobile networks and applications 10, 663-674, 2005
Modeling and optimization of UWB communication networks through a flexible cost function
P Baldi, L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 20 (9), 1733-1744, 2002
UWB ranging accuracy in high-and low-data-rate applications
R Cardinali, L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto, P Lombardo
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 54 (4), 1865-1875, 2006
UWB ad-hoc networks
L De Nardis, P Baldi, MG Di Benedetto
2002 IEEE Conference on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies (IEEE Cat …, 2002
Cognitive radio for medical body area networks using ultra wideband
R Chávez-Santiago, KE Nolan, O Holland, L De Nardis, JM Ferro, ...
IEEE Wireless Communications 19 (4), 74-81, 2012
ViFi: Virtual fingerprinting WiFi-based indoor positioning via multi-wall multi-floor propagation model
G Caso, L De Nardis, F Lemic, V Handziski, A Wolisz, MG Di Benedetto
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 19 (6), 1478-1491, 2019
Collaborative content distribution for vehicular ad hoc networks
M Johnson, L De Nardis, K Ramchandran
Allerton conference on communication, control, and computing, 751-760, 2006
Medium access control design for UWB communication systems: review and trends
L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto
Journal of Communications and Networks 5 (4), 386-393, 2003
A mixed approach to similarity metric selection in affinity propagation-based WiFi fingerprinting indoor positioning
G Caso, L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto
Sensors 15 (11), 27692-27720, 2015
Tuning UWB signals by pulse shaping: Towards context-aware wireless networks
MG Di Benedetto, L De Nardis
Signal Processing 86 (9), 2172-2184, 2006
Multi user interference in power-unbalanced ultra wide band systems: analysis and verification
G Giancola, L De Nardis, MG Di Benedetto
IEEE Conference on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies, 2003, 325-329, 2003
Pluralistic licensing
O Holland, L De Nardis, K Nolan, A Medeisis, P Anker, LF Minervini, ...
2012 IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks, 33-41, 2012
Power limits fulfilment and MUI reduction based on pulse shaping in UWB networks
L De Nardis, G Giancola, MG Di Benedetto
2004 IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE Cat. No …, 2004
UCAN’s ultra wide band system: MAC and routing protocols
F Legrand, I Bucaille, S Héthuin, L De Nardis, G Gaincola, M Di Benedetto, ...
International Workshop on Ultra Wideband Systems, 1-6, 2003
mumab: A multi-armed bandit model for wireless network selection
S Boldrini, L De Nardis, G Caso, MTP Le, J Fiorina, MG Di Benedetto
Algorithms 11 (2), 13, 2018
The Aloha access (UWB) 2 protocol revisited for IEEE 802.15. 4a
MG Di Benedetto, L De Nardis, G Giancola, D Domenicali
ST Journal of Research 4 (1), 131-142, 2007
Radio frequency interference issues in impulse radio multiple access communication systems
MS Iacobucci, MG Di Benedetto, L De Nardis
2002 IEEE Conference on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies (IEEE Cat …, 2002
Combining UWB with Time Reversal for improved communication and positioning
L De Nardis, J Fiorina, D Panaitopol, MG Di Benedetto
Telecommunication Systems 52, 1145-1158, 2013
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