Himanshu Jain
Himanshu Jain
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Vector piezoresponse force microscopy
SV Kalinin, BJ Rodriguez, S Jesse, J Shin, AP Baddorf, P Gupta, H Jain, ...
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KL Ngai, RW Rendell, H Jain
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Raman and Infrared Structural Investigation of xRb2O·(1 − x)GeO2 Glasses
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Transparent ferroelectric glass-ceramics
H Jain
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Role of S∕ Se ratio in chemical bonding of As–S–Se glasses investigated by Raman, x-ray photoelectron, and extended x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopies
W Li, S Seal, C Rivero, C Lopez, K Richardson, A Pope, A Schulte, ...
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Characterization of new erbium-doped tellurite glasses and fibers
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‘Window’effect in the analysis of frequency dependence of ionic conductivity
H Jain, CH Hsieh
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Analysis of ac conductivity of glasses by a power law relationship
H Jain, JN Mundy
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Direct laser-writing of ferroelectric single-crystal waveguide architectures in glass for 3D integrated optics
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Composition dependence of frequency power law of ionic conductivity of glasses
H Jain, S Krishnaswami
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Planar chalcogenide glass waveguides for IR evanescent wave sensors
A Ganjoo, H Jain, C Yu, R Song, JV Ryan, J Irudayaraj, YJ Ding, ...
Journal of Non-crystalline solids 352 (6-7), 584-588, 2006
Word level predicate abstraction and refinement for verifying RTL Verilog
H Jain, D Kroening, N Sharygina, E Clarke
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Structure-property correlation in glasses by infrared reflectance spectroscopy
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Structure of Se-rich As-Se glasses by high-resolution x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
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Physical Review B 76 (12), 125208, 2007
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