Robert E. Thorne
Robert E. Thorne
Professor of Physics, Cornell University
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Charge‐density‐wave conductors
RE Thorne
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Mapping the conformational landscape of a dynamic enzyme by multitemperature and XFEL crystallography
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Use of a superlattice to enhance the interface properties between two bulk heterolayers
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Field-Effect Modulation of Charge-Density-Wave Transport in and
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Heat transfer from protein crystals: implications for flash-cooling and X-ray beam heating
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Sound velocity and elasticity of tetragonal lysozyme crystals by Brillouin spectroscopy
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Contact line pinning by microfabricated patterns: effects of microscale topography
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Microfabricated mounts for high-throughput macromolecular cryocrystallography
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Global radiation damage: temperature dependence, time dependence and how to outrun it
M Warkentin, JB Hopkins, R Badeau, AM Mulichak, LJ Keefe, RE Thorne
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Effect of common cryoprotectants on critical warming rates and ice formation in aqueous solutions
JB Hopkins, R Badeau, M Warkentin, RE Thorne
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ac-dc interference, complete mode locking, and origin of coherent oscillations in sliding charge-density-wave systems
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High-Temperature Symmetry Breaking in the Electronic Band Structure of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Solid
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Charge-density-wave transport in quasi-one-dimensional conductors. I. Current oscillations
RE Thorne, WG Lyons, JW Lyding, JR Tucker, J Bardeen
Physical Review B 35 (12), 6348, 1987
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