Daniel Sciubba
Daniel Sciubba
Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University
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A novel classification system for spinal instability in neoplastic disease: an evidence-based approach and expert consensus from the Spine Oncology Study Group
CG Fisher, CP DiPaola, TC Ryken, MH Bilsky, CI Shaffrey, SH Berven, ...
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Diagnosis and management of metastatic spine disease: a review
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Recurrent disc herniation and long-term back pain after primary lumbar discectomy: review of outcomes reported for limited versus aggressive disc removal
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Accuracy of free-hand pedicle screws in the thoracic and lumbar spine: analysis of 6816 consecutive screws
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Recurrent lumbar disc herniation after single-level lumbar discectomy: incidence and health care cost analysis
GLG Ambrossi, MJ McGirt, DM Sciubba, TF Witham, JP Wolinsky, ...
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Detection of tumor-derived DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with primary tumors of the brain and spinal cord
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Diagnosis and management of metastatic spine disease
DM Sciubba, ZL Gokaslan
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Long-term clinical outcomes following en bloc resections for sacral chordomas and chondrosarcomas: a series of twenty consecutive patients
PC Hsieh, R Xu, DM Sciubba, MJ McGirt, C Nelson, TF Witham, ...
Spine 34 (20), 2233-2239, 2009
Endoscopic image-guided odontoidectomy for decompression of basilar invagination via a standard anterior cervical approach
JP Wolinsky, DM Sciubba, I Suk, ZL Gokaslan
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Effect of antibiotic-impregnated shunt catheters in decreasing the incidence of shunt infection in the treatment of hydrocephalus
DM Sciubba, RM Stuart, MJ McGirt, GF Woodworth, A Samdani, B Carson, ...
Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics 103 (2), 131-136, 2005
Factors associated with progression-free survival and long-term neurological outcome after resection of intramedullary spinal cord tumors: analysis of 101 consecutive cases
GL Garcés-Ambrossi, MJ McGirt, VA Mehta, DM Sciubba, TF Witham, ...
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 11 (5), 591-599, 2009
Outcomes of operative and nonoperative treatment for adult spinal deformity: a prospective, multicenter, propensity-matched cohort assessment with minimum 2-year follow-up
Neurosurgery 78 (6), 851-861, 2016
Chordoma of the spinal column
DM Sciubba, JH Chi, LD Rhines, ZL Gokaslan
Neurosurgery Clinics of North America 19 (1), 5-15, 2008
The efficacy of minimally invasive discectomy compared with open discectomy: a meta-analysis of prospective randomized controlled trials
HH Dasenbrock, SP Juraschek, LR Schultz, TF Witham, DM Sciubba, ...
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 16 (5), 452-462, 2012
Accuracy of free-hand placement of thoracic pedicle screws in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: how much of a difference does surgeon experience make?
AF Samdani, A Ranade, DM Sciubba, PJ Cahill, MD Antonacci, ...
European Spine Journal 19 (1), 91-95, 2010
Surgical treatment of cervical spondylotic myelopathy with anterior compression: a review of 67 cases
B Gok, DM Sciubba, GS McLoughlin, M McGirt, S Ayhan, JP Wolinsky, ...
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 9 (2), 152-157, 2008
Predictors of ambulatory function after decompressive surgery for metastatic epidural spinal cord compression
KL Chaichana, GF Woodworth, DM Sciubba, MJ McGirt, TJ Witham, ...
Neurosurgery 62 (3), 683-692, 2008
Surgical management of metastatic spinal tumors
I Laufer, DM Sciubba, M Madera, A Bydon, TJ Witham, ZL Gokaslan, ...
Cancer Control 19 (2), 122-128, 2012
Radiographic and anatomic basis of endoscopic anterior craniocervical decompression: a comparison of endonasal, transoral, and transcervical approaches
CJ Baird, JE Conway, DM Sciubba, DM Prevedello, A Quiñones-Hinojosa, ...
Operative Neurosurgery 65 (suppl_6), ons158-ons164, 2009
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