Dmitri Strukov
Dmitri Strukov
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara
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The missing memristor found
DB Strukov, GS Snider, DR Stewart, RS Williams
Nature 453 (7191), pp. 80-83, 2008
Memristive devices for computing
JJ Yang, DB Strukov, DR Stewart
Nature Nanotechnology 8 (1), pp. 13-24, 2013
Training and operation of an integrated neuromorphic network based on metal-oxide memristors
M Prezioso, F Merrikh Bayat, B Hoskins, G Adam, KK Likharev, ...
Nature 521, pp. 61-64, 2015
Switching dynamics in titanium dioxide memristive devices
MD Pickett, DB Strukov, JL Borghetti, JJ Yang, GS Snider, DR Stewart, ...
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Memristor− CMOS hybrid integrated circuits for reconfigurable logic
Q Xia, W Robinett, MW Cumbie, N Banerjee, TJ Cardinali, JJ Yang, W Wu, ...
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CMOL FPGA: A reconfigurable architecture for hybrid digital circuits with two-terminal nanodevices
DB Strukov, KK Likharev
Nanotechnology 16, pp. 888-900, 2005
Exponential ionic drift: Fast switching and low volatility of thin-film memristors
DB Strukov, RS Williams
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 94 (3), pp. 515-519, 2009
Pattern classification by memristive crossbar circuits using ex situ and in situ training
F Alibart, E Zamanidoost, DB Strukov
Nature Communications 4, art. 2072, 2013
High precision tuning of state for memristive devices by adaptable variation-tolerant algorithm
F Alibart, L Gao, BD Hoskins, DB Strukov
Nanotechnology 23, art. 075201, 2012
Coupled ionic and electronic transport model of thin‐film semiconductor memristive behavior
DB Strukov, JL Borghetti, RS Williams
Small 5 (9), pp. 1058-1063, 2009
Recommended methods to study resistive switching devices
M Lanza, et al.
Advanced Electronic Materials 5 (1), art. 1800143, 2019
CMOL: Devices, circuits, and architectures
K Likharev, D Strukov
Introducing Molecular Electronics, G. Cuniberti, G. Fagas, and K. Richter …, 2005
Implementation of multilayer perceptron network with highly uniform passive memristive crossbar circuits
F Merrikh Bayat, M Prezioso, B Chakrabarti, H Nili, I Kataeva, D Strukov
Nature Communications 9, art. 2331, 2018
Programmable CMOS/memristor threshold logic
L Gao, F Alibart, D Strukov
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 12 (2), pp. 115-119, 2013
Flexible three-dimensional artificial synapse networks with correlated learning and trainable memory capability
C Wu, TW Kim, HY Choi, DB Strukov, JJ Yang
Nature Communications 8 (1), art. 752, 2017
Thermophoresis/diffusion as a plausible mechanism for unipolar resistive switching in metal–oxide–metal memristors
DB Strukov, F Alibart, R Stanley Williams
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 107 (3), pp. 509-518, 2012
Resistive switching phenomena in thin films: Materials, devices, and applications
DB Strukov, H Kohlstedt
Materials Research Society Bulletin 37, pp. 108-114, 2012
Resistive switching and its suppression in Pt/Nb: SrTiO3 junctions
E Mikheev, BD Hoskins, DB Strukov, S Stemmer
Nature Communications 5, art. 3990, 2014
Four-dimensional address topology for circuits with stacked multilayer crossbar arrays
DB Strukov, RS Williams
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (48), pp. 20155-20158, 2009
3-D memristor crossbars for analog and neuromorphic computing applications
GC Adam, BD Hoskins, M Prezioso, F Merrikh Bayat, B Chakrabarti, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64 (1), pp. 312-318, 2017
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