Andro Mikelic
Andro Mikelic
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On the interface boundary condition of Beavers, Joseph, and Saffman
A Mikelic, W Jäger
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 60 (4), 1111-1127, 2000
On the roughness-induced effective boundary conditions for an incompressible viscous flow
W Jäger, A Mikelić
Journal of Differential Equations 170 (1), 96-122, 2001
Convergence of iterative coupling for coupled flow and geomechanics
A Mikelić, MF Wheeler
Computational Geosciences 17 (3), 455-461, 2013
Frictional contact problems with normal compliance
A Klarbring, A Mikelić, M Shillor
International Journal of Engineering Science 26 (8), 811-832, 1988
On the vanishing viscosity limit for the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with the friction type boundary conditions
T Clopeau, A Mikelic, R Robert
Nonlinearity 11 (6), 1625, 1998
On the boundary conditions at the contact interface between a porous medium and a free fluid
W Jäger, A Mikelic
Ann. Sc. Norm. Super. Pisa, Classe Fisiche e Matematiche-Serie IV 23 (3 …, 1996
Stochastic two-scale convergence in the mean and applications.
S Wright, A Mikelic, A Bourgeat
Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York 1994 (456), 19-52, 1994
A Phase-Field Method For Propagating Fluid-Filled Fractures Coupled To A Surrounding Porous Medium
A Mikelic, MF Wheeler, T Wick
SIAM: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation 13, 367--398, 2015
Convergence of the homogenization process for a double-porosity model of immiscible two-phase flow
A Bourgeat, S Luckhaus, A Mikelić
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 27 (6), 1520-1543, 1996
Homogenizing the acoustic properties of the seabed: Part I
RP Gilbert, A Mikelić
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 40 (1-8), 185-212, 2000
Asymptotic analysis of the laminar viscous flow over a porous bed
W Jäger, A Mikelic, N Neuss
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 22 (6), 2006-2028, 2001
On friction problems with normal compliance
A Klarbring, A Mikelić, M Shillor
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 13 (8), 935-955, 1989
Modeling viscoelastic behavior of arterial walls and their interaction with pulsatile blood flow
S Čanić, J Tambača, G Guidoboni, A Mikelić, CJ Hartley, D Rosenstrauch
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 67 (1), 164-193, 2006
Numerical convergence study of iterative coupling for coupled flow and geomechanics
A Mikelic, B Wang, MF Wheeler
Computational Geosciences 18, 325-341, 2014
Blood flow in compliant arteries: an effective viscoelastic reduced model, numerics, and experimental validation
S Čanić, CJ Hartley, D Rosenstrauch, J Tambača, G Guidoboni, A Mikelić
Annals of Biomedical Engineering 34 (4), 575-592, 2006
Reactive transport through an array of cells with semi-permeable membranes
U Hornung, W Jäger, A Mikelić
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis-Modélisation …, 1994
Phase-field modeling of a fluid-driven fracture in a poroelastic medium
A Mikelić, MF Wheeler, T Wick
Computational Geosciences 19 (6), 1171-1195, 2015
Couette flows over a rough boundary and drag reduction
W Jäger, A Mikelić
Communications in Mathematical Physics 232 (3), 429-455, 2003
Homogenizing the acoustic properties of the seabed, part II
T Clopeau, JL Ferrin, RP Gilbert, A Mikelić
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 33 (8-9), 821-841, 2001
Rigorous upscaling of the reactive flow through a pore, under dominant Peclet and Damkohler numbers
A Mikelić, V Devigne, CJ Van Duijn
SIAM journal on mathematical analysis 38 (4), 1262-1287, 2006
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