Maxim Gorkunov
Maxim Gorkunov
Acting head of Theoretical Department, Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Part VII : Chapter 35 : Nonlinear metamaterials
M Lapine, M Gorkunov
Theory and phenomena of metamaterials, Filippo Capolino (Editor), 2009
Nonlinearity of a metamaterial arising from diode insertions into resonant conductive elements
M Lapine, M Gorkunov, KH Ringhofer
Physical Review E 67 (6), 065601, 2003
Structural tunability in metamaterials
M Lapine, D Powell, M Gorkunov, I Shadrivov, R Marqués, Y Kivshar
Applied Physics Letters 95 (8), 084105, 2009
Effective magnetic properties of a composite material with circular conductive elements
M Gorkunov, M Lapine, E Shamonina, KH Ringhofer
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 28 (3 …, 2002
Metamaterial tuning by manipulation of near-field interaction
DA Powell, M Lapine, MV Gorkunov, IV Shadrivov, YS Kivshar
Physical Review B 82 (15), 155128, 2010
Origin of stretched exponential relaxation for hopping-transport models
B Sturman, E Podivilov, M Gorkunov
Physical review letters 91 (17), 176602, 2003
Mean-field theory of a nematic liquid crystal doped with anisotropic nanoparticles
MV Gorkunov, MA Osipov
Soft Matter 7 (9), 4348-4356, 2011
Self-tuning mechanisms of nonlinear split-ring resonators
DA Powell, IV Shadrivov, YS Kivshar, MV Gorkunov
Applied Physics Letters 91 (14), 144107, 2007
Metasurfaces with maximum chirality empowered by bound states in the continuum
MV Gorkunov, AA Antonov, YS Kivshar
Physical Review Letters 125 (9), 093903, 2020
Effect of microscopic disorder on magnetic properties of metamaterials
MV Gorkunov, SA Gredeskul, IV Shadrivov, YS Kivshar
Physical Review E 73 (5), 056605, 2006
Theory of extraordinary light transmission through arrays of subwavelength slits
B Sturman, E Podivilov, M Gorkunov
physical review B 77 (7), 075106, 2008
Tuning of a nonlinear metamaterial band gap by an external magnetic field
M Gorkunov, M Lapine
Physical Review B 70 (23), 235109, 2004
Order-disorder molecular model of the smectic-A–smectic-C phase transition in materials with conventional and anomalously weak layer contraction
MV Gorkunov, MA Osipov, JPF Lagerwall, F Giesselmann
Physical Review E 76 (5), 051706, 2007
Three-wave coupling of microwaves in metamaterial with nonlinear resonant conductive elements
M Lapine, M Gorkunov
Physical Review E 70 (6), 066601, 2004
Suppressed absolute negative conductance and generation of high-frequency radiation in semiconductor superlattices
KN Alekseev, MV Gorkunov, NV Demarina, T Hyart, NV Alexeeva, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 73 (6), 934, 2006
Enhanced parametric processes in binary metamaterials
MV Gorkunov, IV Shadrivov, YS Kivshar
Applied physics letters 88 (7), 071912, 2006
Eigenmodes for metal-dielectric light-transmitting nanostructures
B Sturman, E Podivilov, M Gorkunov
Physical Review B 76 (12), 125104, 2007
Tunability of wire-grid metamaterial immersed into nematic liquid crystal
MV Gorkunov, MA Osipov
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (3), 036101, 2008
Extreme optical activity and circular dichroism of chiral metal hole arrays
MV Gorkunov, AA Ezhov, VV Artemov, OY Rogov, SG Yudin
Applied Physics Letters 104 (22), 221102, 2014
Molecular model for de Vries type smectic-A–smectic-C phase transition in liquid crystals
MV Gorkunov, F Giesselmann, JPF Lagerwall, TJ Sluckin, MA Osipov
Physical Review E 75 (6), 060701, 2007
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