Luis Antonio Barrales-Mora
Luis Antonio Barrales-Mora
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Influence of deformation and annealing twinning on the microstructure and texture evolution of face-centered cubic high-entropy alloys
C Haase, LA Barrales-Mora
Acta Materialia 150, 88-103, 2018
The role of atomic scale segregation in designing highly ductile magnesium alloys
I Basu, KG Pradeep, C Mießen, LA Barrales-Mora, T Al-Samman
Acta Materialia 116, 77-94, 2016
Recrystallization behavior of a high-manganese steel: Experiments and simulations
C Haase, M Kühbach, LA Barrales-Mora, SL Wong, F Roters, DA Molodov, ...
Acta Materialia 100, 155-168, 2015
Applying the texture analysis for optimizing thermomechanical treatment of high manganese twinning-induced plasticity steel
C Haase, LA Barrales-Mora, F Roters, DA Molodov, G Gottstein
Acta materialia 80, 327-340, 2014
Three-dimensional grain growth: Analytical approaches and computer simulations
LAB Mora, G Gottstein, LS Shvindlerman
Acta Materialia 56 (20), 5915-5926, 2008
Inclination dependence of grain boundary energy and its impact on the faceting and kinetics of tilt grain boundaries in aluminum
DM Kirch, E Jannot, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov, G Gottstein
Acta Materialia 56 (18), 4998-5011, 2008
On the relation of microstructure and texture evolution in an austenitic Fe-28Mn-0.28 C TWIP steel during cold rolling
C Haase, SG Chowdhury, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov, G Gottstein
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44, 911-922, 2013
On the applicability of recovery-annealed Twinning-Induced Plasticity steels: Potential and limitations
C Haase, T Ingendahl, O Güvenç, M Bambach, W Bleck, DA Molodov, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 649, 74-84, 2016
Tailoring the mechanical properties of a twinning-induced plasticity steel by retention of deformation twins during heat treatment
C Haase, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov, G Gottstein
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44, 4445-4449, 2013
Enhancement of the strength-ductility combination of twinning-induced/transformation-induced plasticity steels by reversion annealing
F Berrenberg, C Haase, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov
Materials Science and Engineering: A 681, 56-64, 2017
An advanced level set approach to grain growth–Accounting for grain boundary anisotropy and finite triple junction mobility
C Mießen, M Liesenjohann, LA Barrales-Mora, LS Shvindlerman, ...
Acta Materialia 99, 39-48, 2015
A novel implementation for the simulation of 2-D grain growth with consideration to external energetic fields
LA Barrales-Mora, V Mohles, PJ Konijnenberg, DA Molodov
Computational materials science 39 (1), 160-165, 2007
Effect of a finite quadruple junction mobility on grain microstructure evolution: Theory and simulation
LAB Mora, V Mohles, LS Shvindlerman, G Gottstein
Acta materialia 56 (5), 1151-1164, 2008
2D vertex modeling for the simulation of grain growth and related phenomena
LAB Mora
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 80 (7), 1411-1427, 2010
A statistical ensemble cellular automaton microstructure model for primary recrystallization
M Kühbach, G Gottstein, LA Barrales-Mora
Acta Materialia 107, 366-376, 2016
On migration and faceting of low-angle grain boundaries: Experimental and computational study
JE Brandenburg, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov
Acta materialia 77, 294-309, 2014
Experimental determination and simulation of annealing textures in cold rolled TWIP and TRIP steels
LA Barrales‐Mora, Y Lü, DA Molodov
steel research international 82 (2), 119-126, 2011
Annealing texture and microstructure evolution in titanium during grain growth in an external magnetic field
DA Molodov, C Bollmann, PJ Konijnenberg, LA Barrales-Mora, V Mohles
Materials transactions 48 (11), 2800-2808, 2007
Texture evolution of a cold-rolled Fe-28Mn-0.28 C TWIP steel during recrystallization
C Haase, LA Barrales-Mora, DA Molodov, G Gottstein
Materials Science Forum 753, 213-216, 2013
Impact of grain boundary character on grain rotation
LA Barrales-Mora, JE Brandenburg, DA Molodov
Acta materialia 80, 141-148, 2014
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