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Experimental validation of free-energy-landscape reconstruction from non-equilibrium single-molecule force spectroscopy measurements
AN Gupta, A Vincent, K Neupane, H Yu, F Wang, MT Woodside
Nature Physics 7 (8), 631-634, 2011
Role of catalyst on refractive index tunability of porous silica antireflective coatings by sol− gel technique
A Vincent, S Babu, E Brinley, A Karakoti, S Deshpande, S Seal
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (23), 8291-8298, 2007
Protonated nanoparticle surface governing ligand tethering and cellular targeting
A Vincent, S Babu, E Heckert, J Dowding, SM Hirst, TM Inerbaev, WT Self, ...
ACS nano 3 (5), 1203-1211, 2009
Hydrogen selective gas sensor in humid environment based on polymer coated nanostructured-doped tin oxide
A Kumar, P Zhang, A Vincent, R McCormack, R Kalyanaraman, HJ Cho, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 155 (2), 884-892, 2011
Tuning hydrated nanoceria surfaces: experimental/theoretical investigations of ion exchange and implications in organic and inorganic interactions
A Vincent, TM Inerbaev, S Babu, AS Karakoti, WT Self, AE Masunov, ...
Langmuir 26 (10), 7188-7198, 2010
Synthesis dependent core level binding energy shift in the oxidation state of platinum coated on ceria–titania and its effect on catalytic decomposition of methanol
AS Karakoti, JES King, A Vincent, S Seal
Applied Catalysis A: General 388 (1-2), 262-271, 2010
Phthalocyanine tetrasulfonates bind to multiple sites on natively-folded prion protein
DR Dee, AN Gupta, M Anikovskiy, I Sosova, E Grandi, L Rivera, A Vincent, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1824 (6), 826-832, 2012
Thickness dependent self limiting 1-D tin oxide nanowire arrays by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation
N Shirato, J Strader, A Kumar, A Vincent, P Zhang, A Karakoti, ...
Nanoscale 3 (3), 1090-1101, 2011
B3: fuzzy-based data center load optimization in cloud computing
M Jaiganesh, AV Antony Kumar
Mathematical problems in Engineering 2013, 2013
A low-energy room-temperature hydrogen nanosensor: Utilizing the Schottky barriers at the electrode/sensing-material interfaces
P Zhang, A Vincent, A Kumar, S Seal, HJ Cho
IEEE Electron Device Letters 31 (7), 770-772, 2010
A method to vectorize the dose distribution, the dose volume histogram and create a dose vector histogram
CS Mayo, C Zankowski, M Herman, R Miller, K Olivier, A Vincent, ...
Medical physics 40 (1), 011717, 2013
Surface elastic properties of porous nanosilica coatings by scanning force microscopy
A Vincent, S Babu, S Seal
Applied Physics Letters 91 (16), 161901, 2007
Spiral growth of one dimensional titania nanostructures using anodic oxidation
AS Karakoti, R Filmalter, D Bera, SVNT Kuchibhatla, A Vincent, S Seal
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 6 (7), 2084-2089, 2006
An empirical study on different ranking methods for effective data classification
I Sangaiah, AV Antony Kumar, A Balamurugan
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 14 (2), 7, 2015
Sol-gel coating methods and thin film coated substrates therefrom
S Seal, ER Brinley, SBK Moorthy, A Vincent, D Reid, C Rivero
US Patent 8,329,299, 2012
Phthalocyanine tetrasulfonates bind to multiple sites on natively-folded prion protein Proteins and proteomics
DR Dee, AN Gupta, M Anikovskiy, I Sosova, E Grandi, L Rivera, A Vincent, ...
Experimental Validation of Free Energy Landscape Reconstructions from Non-Equilibrium Single-Molecule Pulling Experiments
A Vincent, AN Gupta, K Neupane, H Yu, M Woodside
Biophysical Journal 100 (3), 484a, 2011
Characterizing the Interaction Between Phthalocyanine Tetrasulfonates and Mammalian Prion Protein
I Sosova, A Vincent, A Gupta, M Anikovskiy, A Brigley, MT Woodside
Biophysical Journal 100 (3), 553a, 2011
Probing the nanoscale interaction forces and elastic properties of organic and inorganic materials using force-distance (FD) spectroscopy
A Vincent
University of Central Florida, 2010
Defect engineering and morphological modifications of rare earth oxide nanostructures for efficient methanol oxidation
S Moorthy, A Vincent, A Karakoti, S Seal
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