Nicholas D. Pyenson
Nicholas D. Pyenson
Curator, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
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Formation of the Isthmus of Panama
A O’Dea, HA Lessios, AG Coates, RI Eytan, SA Restrepo-Moreno, ...
Science advances 2 (8), e1600883, 2016
Mechanics, hydrodynamics and energetics of blue whale lunge feeding: efficiency dependence on krill density
JA Goldbogen, J Calambokidis, E Oleson, J Potvin, ND Pyenson, ...
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Big gulps require high drag for fin whale lunge feeding
JA Goldbogen, ND Pyenson, RE Shadwick
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Diversity estimates, biases, and historiographic effects: resolving cetacean diversity in the Tertiary
MD Uhen, ND Pyenson
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Reconstructing body size in extinct crown Cetacea (Neoceti) using allometry, phylogenetic methods and tests from the fossil record
ND Pyenson, SN Sponberg
Journal of Mammalian Evolution 18 (4), 269-288, 2011
Independent evolution of baleen whale gigantism linked to Plio-Pleistocene ocean dynamics
GJ Slater, JA Goldbogen, ND Pyenson
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Scaling of lunge‐feeding performance in rorqual whales: mass‐specific energy expenditure increases with body size and progressively limits diving capacity
JA Goldbogen, J Calambokidis, DA Croll, MF McKenna, E Oleson, ...
Functional Ecology 26 (1), 216-226, 2012
The high fidelity of the cetacean stranding record: insights into measuring diversity by integrating taphonomy and macroecology
ND Pyenson
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1724), 3608-3616, 2011
New sea turtle from the Miocene of Peru and the iterative evolution of feeding ecomorphologies since the Cretaceous
JF Parham, ND Pyenson
Journal of Paleontology 84 (2), 231-247, 2010
Discovery of a sensory organ that coordinates lunge feeding in rorqual whales
ND Pyenson, JA Goldbogen, AW Vogl, G Szathmary, RL Drake, ...
Nature 485 (7399), 498-501, 2012
Evolutionary innovation and ecology in marine tetrapods from the Triassic to the Anthropocene
NP Kelley, ND Pyenson
Science 348 (6232), 2015
Repeated mass strandings of Miocene marine mammals from Atacama Region of Chile point to sudden death at sea
ND Pyenson, CS Gutstein, JF Parham, JP Le Roux, CC Chavarría, H Little, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1781), 20133316, 2014
Morphology of the odontocete melon and its implications for acoustic function
MF McKenna, TW Cranford, A Berta, ND Pyenson
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Carcasses on the coastline: measuring the ecological fidelity of the cetacean stranding record in the eastern North Pacific Ocean
ND Pyenson
Paleobiology 36 (3), 453-480, 2010
What happened to gray whales during the Pleistocene? The ecological impact of sea-level change on benthic feeding areas in the North Pacific Ocean
ND Pyenson, DR Lindberg
PLoS One 6 (7), e21295, 2011
Origin of a widespread marine bonebed deposited during the middle Miocene Climatic Optimum
ND Pyenson, RB Irmis, JH Lipps, LG Barnes, ED Mitchell Jr, SA McLeod
Geology 37 (6), 519-522, 2009
Iterative evolution of sympatric seacow (Dugongidae, Sirenia) assemblages during the past∼ 26 million years
J Velez-Juarbe, DP Domning, ND Pyenson
PLoS One 7 (2), e31294, 2012
Pinniped turnover in the South Pacific Ocean: new evidence from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Atacama Desert, Chile
AM Valenzuela-Toro, CS Gutstein, RM Varas-Malca, ME Suarez, ...
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Things that go bump in the night: evolutionary interactions between cephalopods and cetaceans in the tertiary
DR Lindberg, ND Pyenson
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New middle Eocene whales from the Pisco Basin of Peru
MD Uhen, ND Pyenson, TJ Devries, M Urbina, PR Renne
Journal of Paleontology 85 (5), 955-969, 2011
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