Thomas C Harmon, Professor
Thomas C Harmon, Professor
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Environmental sensor networks in ecological research
PW Rundel, EA Graham, MF Allen, JC Fisher, TC Harmon
New Phytologist 182 (3), 589-607, 2009
Characterization of a sandy aquifer material at the grain scale
WP Ball, CH Buehler, TC Harmon, DM Mackay, PV Roberts
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 5 (3), 253-295, 1990
Evaluation of the impact of fuel hydrocarbons and oxygenates on groundwater resources
T Shih, Y Rong, T Harmon, M Suffet
Environmental Science & Technology 38 (1), 42-48, 2004
Nonaqueous phase liquid dissolution in porous media: Current state of knowledge and research needs
C Khachikian, TC Harmon
Transport in Porous Media 38, 3-28, 2000
Comparison of intraparticle sorption and desorption rates for a halogenated alkene in a sandy aquifer material
TC Harmon, PV Roberts
Environmental science & technology 28 (9), 1650-1660, 1994
The impact of a simulation-based learning design project on student learning
GKWK Chung, TC Harmon, EL Baker
IEEE Transactions on Education 44 (4), 390-398, 2001
Designing wireless sensor networks as a shared resource for sustainable development
N Ramanathan, L Balzano, D Estrin, M Hansen, T Harmon, J Jay, ...
2006 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies …, 2006
Dispersion and diffusion in porous media under supercritical conditions
D Yu, K Jackson, TC Harmon
Chemical engineering science 54 (3), 357-367, 1999
Welcome to the Atta world: A framework for understanding the effects of leaf‐cutter ants on ecosystem functions
AC Swanson, L Schwendenmann, MF Allen, EL Aronson, A Artavia‐León, ...
Functional Ecology 33 (8), 1386-1399, 2019
Development and environmental application of a nitrate selective microsensor based on doped polypyrrole films
TA Bendikov, J Kim, TC Harmon
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 106 (2), 512-517, 2005
A sensitive nitrate ion-selective electrode from a pencil lead. An analytical laboratory experiment
TA Bendikov, TC Harmon
Journal of Chemical Education 82 (3), 439, 2005
Simulating solute transport using laboratory-based sorption parameters
TC Harmon, L Semprini, PV Roberts
Journal of Environmental Engineering 118 (5), 666-688, 1992
Soil sensor technology: life within a pixel
MF Allen, R Vargas, EA Graham, W Swenson, M Hamilton, M Taggart, ...
BioScience 57 (10), 859-867, 2007
High-resolution river hydraulic and water quality characterization using rapidly deployable networked infomechanical systems (NIMS RD)
TC Harmon, RF Ambrose, RM Gilbert, JC Fisher, M Stealey, WJ Kaiser
Environmental Engineering Science 24 (2), 151-159, 2007
Dissolution of a well‐defined trichloroethylene pool in saturated porous media: Experimental design and aquifer characterization
CV Chrysikopoulos, KY Lee, TC Harmon
Water Resources Research 36 (7), 1687-1696, 2000
Nonequilibrium transport of organic contaminants in groundwater
TC Harmon, WP Ball, PV Roberts
Reactions and movement of organic chemicals in soils 22, 405-437, 1989
Suelo: human-assisted sensing for exploratory soil monitoring studies
N Ramanathan, T Schoellhammer, E Kohler, K Whitehouse, T Harmon, ...
Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems …, 2009
The waters network: An integrated environmental observatory network for water research
JL Montgomery, T Harmon, CN Haas, R Hooper, NL Clesceri, W Graham, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 41 (19), 6642-6647, 2007
Inverse modeling for locating dense nonaqueous pools in groundwater under steady flow conditions
A Sciortino, TC Harmon, WWG Yeh
Water resources research 36 (7), 1723-1735, 2000
A Receding Horizon Control algorithm for adaptive management of soil moisture and chemical levels during irrigation
Y Park, JS Shamma, TC Harmon
Environmental Modelling & Software 24 (9), 1112-1121, 2009
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