Sumin Cho
Sumin Cho
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Recent advances in triboelectric nanogenerators: from technological progress to commercial applications
D Choi, Y Lee, ZH Lin, S Cho, M Kim, CK Ao, S Soh, C Sohn, CK Jeong, ...
ACS nano 17 (12), 11087-11219, 2023
Monocharged electret based liquid-solid interacting triboelectric nanogenerator for its boosted electrical output performance
S Jang, M La, S Cho, Y Yun, JH Choi, Y Ra, SJ Park, D Choi
Nano Energy 70, 104541, 2020
Exo-shoe triboelectric nanogenerator: Toward high-performance wearable biomechanical energy harvester
Y Yun, S Jang, S Cho, SH Lee, HJ Hwang, D Choi
Nano Energy 80, 105525, 2021
Universal biomechanical energy harvesting from joint movements using a direction-switchable triboelectric nanogenerator
S Cho, Y Yun, S Jang, Y Ra, JH Choi, HJ Hwang, D Choi, D Choi
Nano Energy 71, 104584, 2020
Electrical charge storage effect in carbon based polymer composite for long-term performance enhancement of the triboelectric nanogenerator
JH Choi, Y Ra, S Cho, M La, SJ Park, D Choi
Composites Science and Technology 207, 108680, 2021
Toward effective irregular wind energy harvesting: Self-adaptive mechanical design strategy of triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid wind energy harvester for wireless …
D Lee, S Cho, S Jang, Y Ra, Y Jang, Y Yun, D Choi
Nano Energy 102, 107638, 2022
Development of a high‐performance handheld triboelectric nanogenerator with a lightweight power transmission unit
S Choi, S Cho, Y Yun, S Jang, JH Choi, Y Ra, M La, SJ Park, D Choi
Advanced Materials Technologies 5 (4), 2000003, 2020
Scalable batch fabrication of flexible, transparent and self-triggered tactile sensor array based on triboelectric effect
Y Ra, M La, S Cho, SJ Park, D Choi
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green …, 2021
High quality electret based triboelectric nanogenerator for boosted and reliable electrical output performance
Y Yun, M La, S Cho, S Jang, JH Choi, Y Ra, D Kam, SJ Park, D Choi
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green …, 2021
Triboelectric signal generation and its versatile utilization during gear-based ordinary power transmission
Y Ra, S Oh, JH Lee, Y Yun, S Cho, JH Choi, S Jang, HJ Hwang, D Choi, ...
Nano Energy 73, 104745, 2020
A liquid triboelectric series
D Yoo, S Jang, S Cho, D Choi, DS Kim
Advanced Materials 35 (26), 2300699, 2023
Triboelectrification-driven microbial inactivation in a conductive cellulose filter for affordable, portable, and efficient water sterilization
S Cho, Z Hanif, Y Yun, ZA Khan, S Jang, Y Ra, ZH Lin, M La, SJ Park, ...
Nano Energy 88, 106228, 2021
Charge transfer accelerating strategy for improving sensitivity of droplet based triboelectric sensors via heterogeneous wettability
S Jang, Y Joung, H Kim, S Cho, Y Ra, M Kim, D Ahn, ZH Lin, D Choi
Nano Energy 97, 107213, 2022
A highly sensitive magnetic configuration‐based triboelectric nanogenerator for multidirectional vibration energy harvesting and self‐powered environmental monitoring
M Park, S Cho, Y Yun, M La, SJ Park, D Choi
International Journal of Energy Research 45 (12), 18262-18274, 2021
An energy-efficient battery thermal management system incorporating a porous metal-based multiscale flow manifold
S Ki, J Lee, S Kim, J Seong, J Shim, S Oh, S Cho, S Bang, D Seo, J Kim, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 269, 116147, 2022
Smart conveyor roller system for self-powered product size identification in electrically off-grid condition via hybridization of triboelectric-electromagnetic generators
Y Ra, J Kim, H Kim, S Cho, D Lee, S Jang, D Kam, M La, SJ Park, D Choi
Nano Energy 100, 107447, 2022
Toward smart net zero energy structures: Development of cement-based structural energy material for contact electrification driven energy harvesting and storage
Y Ra, I You, M Kim, S Jang, S Cho, D Kam, SJ Lee, D Choi
Nano Energy 89, 106389, 2021
Facile tailoring of contact layer characteristics of the triboelectric nanogenerator based on portable imprinting device
S Cho, S Jang, M La, Y Yun, T Yu, SJ Park, D Choi
Materials 13 (4), 872, 2020
Geometric gradient assisted control of the triboelectric effect in a smart brake system for self-powered mechanical abrasion monitoring
M Kim, Y Ra, S Cho, S Jang, D Kam, Y Yun, H Kim, D Choi
Nano Energy 89, 106448, 2021
Physical intelligence-based working mode adaptable triboelectric nanogenerator for effective wind energy harvesting in broad range
S Cho, D Lee, S Jang, S Cho, J Shim, Y Jang, ZH Lin, K Choi, D Choi
Nano Energy 113, 108608, 2023
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