Istvan Papp
Istvan Papp
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Evidence for nuclear processing of plant micro RNA and short interfering RNA precursors
I Papp, MF Mette, W Aufsatz, L Daxinger, SE Schauer, A Ray, ...
Plant physiology 132 (3), 1382-1390, 2003
Gene silencing mediated by promoter homology occurs at the level of transcription and results in meiotically heritable alterations in methylation and gene activity
YD Park, I Papp, EA Moscone, VA Iglesias, H Vaucheret, AJM Matzke, ...
The Plant Journal 9 (2), 183-194, 1996
Molecular and cytogenetic analyses of stably and unstably expressed transgene loci in tobacco.
VA Iglesias, EA Moscone, I Papp, F Neuhuber, S Michalowski, T Phelan, ...
The Plant Cell 9 (8), 1251-1264, 1997
Genetic analysis of RNA-mediated transcriptional gene silencing
M Matzke, W Aufsatz, T Kanno, L Daxinger, I Papp, MF Mette, AJM Matzke
Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Structure and Expression 1677 (1-3 …, 2004
A mutation in the Cap Binding Protein 20 gene confers drought
I Papp, S Dulai, C Koncz
Plant molecular biology 55 (5), 679-686, 2004
Molecular and cytogenetic characterization of a transgene locus that induces silencing and methylation of homologous promoters in trans
J Jakowitsch, I Papp, EA Moscone, J Van Der Winden, M Matzke, ...
The Plant Journal 17 (2), 131-140, 1999
Accumulation of chlorophyll catabolites photosensitizes the hypersensitive response elicited by Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis
LAJ Mur, S Aubry, M Mondhe, A Kingston‐Smith, J Gallagher, ...
New Phytologist 188 (1), 161-174, 2010
Structural instability of a transgene locus in tobacco is associated with aneuploidy
I Papp, VA Iglesias, EA Moscone, S Michalowski, S Spiker, YD Park, ...
The Plant Journal 10 (3), 469-478, 1996
High-frequency occurrence of virus-like particles with double-stranded RNA genome in Fusarium poae
C Fekete, G Giczey, I Papp, L Szabó, L Hornok
FEMS microbiology letters 131 (3), 295-299, 1995
Inheritance and expression of a transgene insert in an aneuploid tobacco line
MA Matzke, EA Moscone, YD Park, I Papp, H Oberkofler, F Neuhuber, ...
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 245 (4), 471-485, 1994
A morpho-physiological approach differentiates bread wheat cultivars of contrasting tolerance under cyclic water stress
K Jäger, A Fábián, G Eitel, L Szabó, C Deák, B Barnabás, I Papp
Journal of plant physiology 171 (14), 1256-1266, 2014
The bacterial attachment site of the temperate Rhizobium phage 16-3 overlaps the 3′ end of a putative proline tRNA gene
I Papp, L Dorgai, P Papp, E Jónás, F Olasz, L Orosz
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 240 (2), 258-264, 1993
Candidate genes of cuticle formation show characteristic expression in the fruit skin of apple
Z Albert, B Ivanics, A Molnár, A Miskó, M Tóth, I Papp
Plant Growth Regulation 70 (1), 71-78, 2013
Identification of Site-Specific Recombination Genesint and xis of the Rhizobium Temperate Phage 16-3
S Semsey, IA Papp, Z Buzas, A Patthy, L Orosz, PP Papp
Journal of bacteriology 181 (14), 4185-4192, 1999
New phenotypes of the drought‐tolerant cbp20 Arabidopsis thaliana mutant have changed epidermal morphology
K Jäger, A Fábián, G Tompa, C Deák, M Höhn, A Olmedilla, B Barnabás, ...
Plant Biology 13 (1), 78-84, 2011
Nuclear membrane ion channels mediate root nodule development
M Matzke, TM Weiger, I Papp, AJM Matzke
Trends in plant science 14 (6), 295-298, 2009
Restricted transpiration may not result in improved drought tolerance in a competitive environment for water
R Bacsó, T Janda, G Galiba, I Papp
Plant Science 174 (2), 200-204, 2008
Identification of a new family of highly repetitive DNA, NTS9, that is located predominantly on the S9 chromosome of tobacco
J Jakowitsch, I Papp, MA Matzke, AJM Matzke
Chromosome Research 6 (8), 649-651, 1998
Ion transporters in the nucleus?
M Matzke, W Aufsatz, W Gregor, J van der Winden, I Papp, AJM Matzke
Plant physiology 127 (1), 10-13, 2001
Investigation of physiological responses and leaf morphological traits of wheat genotypes with contrasting drought stress tolerance
C Deák
Acta Biologica Szegediensis 55 (1), 69-71, 2011
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