Marco Roberto Cavallari
Marco Roberto Cavallari
Prof. MS 3.1 Ph.D. Eng. at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil
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Determination of carrier mobility in MEH-PPV thin-films by stationary and transient current techniques
CA Amorim, MR Cavallari, G Santos, FJ Fonseca, AM Andrade, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 358 (3), 484-491, 2012
Enhanced Sensitivity of Gas Sensor Based on Poly (3-hexylthiophene) Thin-Film Transistors for Disease Diagnosis and Environment Monitoring
MR Cavallari, JEE Izquierdo, GS Braga, EAT Dirani, MA Pereira-da-Silva, ...
Sensors 15 (4), 9592-9609, 2015
Organic thin-film transistors as gas sensors: a review
MR Cavallari, LM Pastrana, CDF Sosa, AMR Marquina, JEE Izquierdo, ...
Materials 14 (1), 3, 2020
A hybrid electronic nose and tongue for the detection of ketones: Improved sensor orthogonality using graphene oxide-based detectors
MR Cavallari, GS Braga, MFP da Silva, JEE Izquierdo, LG Paterno, ...
Sensors 14971, 1, 2017
Organic Thin Film Transistors in Mechanical Sensors
ZA Lamport, MR Cavallari, KA Kam, CK McGinn, C Yu, I Kymissis
Advanced Functional Materials, 2004700, 2020
Electricity Market in Brazil: A Critical Review on the Ongoing Reform
AQO Santos, AR da Silva, JJG Ledesma, AB de Almeida, MR Cavallari, ...
Energies 14 (10), 2873, 2021
Starch-Mediated Immobilization, Photochemical Reduction, and Gas Sensitivity of Graphene Oxide Films
PP Peregrino, MR Cavallari, FJ Fonseca, SGC Moreira, MJA Sales, ...
ACS omega 5 (10), 5001-5012, 2020
On the performance degradation of poly (3-hexylthiophene) field-effect transistors
M Cavallari, V Zanchin, M Valle, J Izquierdo, E Rodriguez, E Rodriguez, ...
Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE Transactions on 15 (3), 342-351, 2015
Review of Bacterial Nanocellulose-Based Electrochemical Biosensors: Functionalization, Challenges, and Future Perspectives
SC de Assis, DL Morgado, DT Scheidt, SS de Souza, MR Cavallari, ...
Biosensors 13 (1), 142, 2023
Molds and resists studies for nanoimprint lithography of electrodes in low-voltage polymer thin-film transistors
MR Cavallari, VR Zanchin, M Pojar, AC Seabra, ...
Journal of electronic materials 43, 1317-1325, 2014
Cross-linked polyvinyl phenol as dielectric for flexible bottom gate bottom contact transistors
MR Cavallari, JEE Izquierdo, DC García, VAM Nogueira, JDS Oliveira, ...
2019 34th Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices (SBMicro), 1-3, 2019
Low voltage organic devices with high-k TiOxNy and PMMA dielectrics for future application on flexible electronics
VR Zanchin, MR Cavallari, FJ Fonseca, KF Albertin, I Pereyra, ...
ECS Transactions 39 (1), 455, 2011
Permanent water swelling effect in low temperature thermally reduced graphene oxide
S Papamatthaiou, DP Argyropoulos, A Masurkar, MR Cavallari, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (25), 252106, 2017
A Comparative Study on the Optimization of a Ternary P3HT: PCBM: Pentacene Active Layer in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
G Santos, MR Cavallari, FJ Fonseca
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 137 (4), 044502-044505, 2015
A Humidity Sensor Based on Bacterial Nanocellulose Membrane (BNC)
GA Ginja, JPC da Costa, RH Gounella, JEE Izquierdo, JP Carmo, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 23 (4), 3485-3492, 2023
PECVD Silicon Oxynitride as Insulator for MDMO-PPV Thin-Film Transistors
MR Cavallari, KF Albertin, G dos Santos, CAS Ramos, I Pereyra, ...
Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems 5 (2), 116-124, 2010
A simple visible light photo-assisted method for assembling and curing multilayer GO thin films
MFP da Silva, DR de Oliveira, MR Cavallari, EAT Dirani, ER Triboni, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 165, 125-133, 2015
Time-of-Flight Technique Limits of Applicability for Thin-Films of Π-Conjugated Polymers
MR Cavallari, VR Zanchin, CA Amorim, G dos Santos, FJ Fonseca, ...
MRS Proceedings 1402 (1), 2012
Methodology of semiconductor selection for polymer thin-transistors based on charge carrier mobility
MR Cavallari, CA Amorim, G Santos, S Mergulhao, FJ Fonseca, ...
J. Mater. Sci. Eng. Adv. Technol 4 (3356), 24, 2011
Voltage-dependent mobility characterization of MDMO-PPV thin-film transistors for flexible sensor applications
MR Cavallari, KF Albertin, G Santos, CA Ramos, I Pereyra, FJ Fonseca, ...
ECS Transactions 31 (1), 425, 2010
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