Elena Ponomarenko
Elena Ponomarenko
Institute of Biomedical Chemistry
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The size of the human proteome: the width and depth
EA Ponomarenko, EV Poverennaya, EV Ilgisonis, MA Pyatnitskiy, ...
International journal of analytical chemistry 2016, 2016
Chromosome 18 transcriptome profiling and targeted proteome mapping in depleted plasma, liver tissue and HepG2 cells
VG Zgoda, AT Kopylov, OV Tikhonova, AA Moisa, NV Pyndyk, ...
Journal of Proteome Research 12 (1), 123-134, 2013
Profiling proteoforms: promising follow-up of proteomics for biomarker discovery
A Lisitsa, S Moshkovskii, A Chernobrovkin, E Ponomarenko, A Archakov
Expert review of proteomics 11 (1), 121-129, 2014
PPLine: an automated pipeline for SNP, SAP, and splice variant detection in the context of proteogenomics
GS Krasnov, AA Dmitriev, AV Kudryavtseva, AV Shargunov, DS Karpov, ...
Journal of proteome research 14 (9), 3729-3737, 2015
Quest for missing proteins: update 2015 on chromosome-centric human proteome project
P Horvatovich, EK Lundberg, YJ Chen, TY Sung, F He, EC Nice, ...
Journal of proteome research 14 (9), 3415-3431, 2015
Chromosome-centric approach to overcoming bottlenecks in the Human Proteome Project
A Archakov, V Zgoda, A Kopylov, S Naryzhny, A Chernobrovkin, ...
Expert review of proteomics 9 (6), 667-676, 2012
Gene‐centric view on the human proteome project: The example of the Russian roadmap for chromosome 18
A Archakov, A Aseev, V Bykov, A Grigoriev, V Govorun, V Ivanov, ...
Proteomics 11 (10), 1853-1856, 2011
Chromosome 18 transcriptoproteome of liver tissue and HepG2 cells and targeted proteome mapping in depleted plasma: update 2013
EA Ponomarenko, AT Kopylov, AV Lisitsa, SP Radko, YY Kiseleva, ...
Journal of proteome research 13 (1), 183-190, 2014
Proteomics of mouse liver microsomes: Performance of different protein separation workflows for LC‐MS/MS
VG Zgoda, SA Moshkovskii, EA Ponomarenko, TV Andreewski, ...
Proteomics 9 (16), 4102-4105, 2009
Targeted quantitative screening of chromosome 18 encoded proteome in plasma samples of astronaut candidates
AT Kopylov, EV Ilgisonis, AA Moysa, OV Tikhonova, MG Zavialova, ...
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (11), 4039-4046, 2016
Combination of virtual and experimental 2DE together with ESI LC‐MS/MS gives a clearer view about proteomes of human cells and plasma
SN Naryzhny, VG Zgoda, MA Maynskova, SE Novikova, NL Ronzhina, ...
Electrophoresis 37 (2), 302-309, 2016
2DE‐based approach for estimation of number of protein species in a cell
SN Naryzhny, AV Lisitsa, VG Zgoda, EA Ponomarenko, AI Archakov
Electrophoresis 35 (6), 895-900, 2014
State of the art of chromosome 18-Centric HPP in 2016: transcriptome and proteome profiling of liver tissue and HepG2 cells
EV Poverennaya, AT Kopylov, EA Ponomarenko, EV Ilgisonis, VG Zgoda, ...
Journal of Proteome Research 15 (11), 4030-4038, 2016
Electrochemical reduction of sterol-14α-demethylase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (CYP51b1)
VV Shumyantseva, TV Bulko, GP Kuznetsova, AV Lisitsa, ...
Biochemistry (Moscow) 72, 658-663, 2007
Recent advances in proteomic profiling of human blood: clinical scope
A Archakov, A Lisitsa, E Ponomarenko, V Zgoda
Expert Review of Proteomics 12 (2), 111-113, 2015
Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics analysis of obese patients’ blood plasma
PG Lokhov, EE Balashova, OP Trifonova, DL Maslov, EA Ponomarenko, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (2), 568, 2020
200+ protein concentrations in healthy human blood plasma: Targeted quantitative SRM SIS screening of chromosomes 18, 13, Y, and the mitochondrial chromosome encoded proteome
AT Kopylov, EA Ponomarenko, EV Ilgisonis, MA Pyatnitskiy, AV Lisitsa, ...
Journal of proteome research 18 (1), 120-129, 2018
Why are the correlations between mRNA and protein levels so low among the 275 predicted protein-coding genes on human chromosome 18?
EV Poverennaya, EV Ilgisonis, EA Ponomarenko, AT Kopylov, VG Zgoda, ...
Journal of Proteome Research 16 (12), 4311-4318, 2017
Postgenomic medicine: Alternative to biomarkers
AV Lisitsa, EA Ponomarenko, PG Lokhov, AI Archakov
Annals of the Russian academy of medical sciences 71 (3), 2016
Prediction of monomeric and dimeric structures of CYP102A1 using AlphaFold2 and AlphaFold multimer and assessment of point mutation effect on the efficiency of intra-and …
YD Ivanov, A Taldaev, AV Lisitsa, EA Ponomarenko, AI Archakov
Molecules 27 (4), 1386, 2022
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