Robert Robergs
Robert Robergs
Queensland University of Technology
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Biochemistry of exercise-induced metabolic acidosis
RA Robergs, F Ghiasvand, D Parker
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2004
The surprising history of the" HRmax= 220-age" equation
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Princípios fundamentais de fisiologia do exercício para aptidão, desempenho e saúde
RA Robergs, SO Roberts
Exercise physiology: exercise, performance, and clinical applications
RA Robergs, S Roberts
Mosby, 1997
Adaptations to swimming training: influence of training volume
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Prediction of one repetition maximum strength from multiple repetition maximum testing and anthropometry
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The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 20 (3), 584-592, 2006
Interaction among skeletal muscle metabolic energy systems during intense exercise
JS Baker, MC McCormick, RA Robergs
Journal of nutrition and metabolism 2010, 2010
Exercise exacerbates acute mountain sickness at simulated high altitude
RC Roach, D Maes, D Sandoval, RA Robergs, M Icenogle, ...
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Muscle glycogenolysis during differing intensities of weight-resistance exercise
RA Robergs, DR Pearson, DL Costill, WJ Fink, DD Pascoe, MA Benedict, ...
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Recommendations for improved data processing from expired gas analysis indirect calorimetry
RA Robergs, D Dwyer, T Astorino
Sports Medicine 40 (2), 95-111, 2010
Impaired muscle glycogen resynthesis after eccentric exercise
DL Costill, DD Pascoe, WJ Fink, RA Robergs, SI Barr, D Pearson
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Effects of limb-length discrepancy on gait economy and lower-extremity muscle activity in older adults
B Gurney, C Mermier, R Robergs, A Gibson, D Rivero
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Energy expenditure and physiological responses during indoor rock climbing.
CM Mermier, RA Robergs, SM McMinn, VH Heyward
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Pre-exercise glycerol hydration improves cycling endurance time
P Montner, DM Stark, ML Riedesel, G Murata, R Robergs, M Timms, ...
International Journal of Sports Medicine 17 (01), 27-33, 1996
RA Robergs, SE Griffin
Sports Medicine 26 (3), 145-167, 1998
Incidence of the oxygen plateau at VO2max during exercise testing to volitional fatigue
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V O2max, protocol duration, and the V O2 plateau
BK Yoon, L Kravitz, R Robergs
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 39 (7), 1186-1192, 2007
Glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle following resistive exercise.
DD Pascoe
Fundamental principles of exercise physiology: for fitness, performance, and health
RA Robergs, S Roberts
McGraw-Hill College, 2000
Cardiovascular autonomic modulation and activity of carotid baroreceptors at altitude
L Bernardi, C Passino, G Spadacini, A Calciati, R Robergs, R Greene, ...
Clinical Science 95 (5), 565-573, 1998
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