Dillon T Fitch-Polse
Dillon T Fitch-Polse
UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies
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What travel modes do shared e-scooters displace? A review of recent research findings
K Wang, X Qian, DT Fitch, Y Lee, J Malik, G Circella
Transport Reviews 43 (1), 5-31, 2023
Wind speed influence on phytoplankton bloom dynamics in the Southern Ocean Marginal Ice Zone
DT Fitch, JK Moore
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 112 (C8), 2007
Psychological stress of bicycling with traffic: examining heart rate variability of bicyclists in natural urban environments
DT Fitch, J Sharpnack, SL Handy
Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour 70, 81-97, 2020
Factors influencing dock-less E-bike-share mode substitution: Evidence from Sacramento, California
T Fukushige, DT Fitch, S Handy
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The relation of the road environment and bicycling attitudes to usual travel mode to school in teenagers
DT Fitch, M Rhemtulla, SL Handy
Transportation research part A: policy and practice 123, 35-53, 2019
The relationship between experienced and imagined bicycling comfort and safety
DT Fitch, SL Handy
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Road environments and bicyclist route choice: The cases of Davis and San Francisco, CA
DT Fitch, SL Handy
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Can an e-bike share system increase awareness and consideration of e-bikes as a commute mode? Results from a natural experiment
SL Handy, DT Fitch
International journal of sustainable transportation 16 (1), 34-44, 2022
Traffic stress and bicycling to elementary and junior high school: Evidence from Davis, California
D Fitch, C Thigpen, S Handy
Journal of Transport & Health 2 (2), S17-S18, 2015
Examining the effects of the Sacramento dockless e-bike share on bicycling and driving
DT Fitch, H Mohiuddin, SL Handy
Sustainability 13 (1), 368, 2021
Investigating the influence of dockless electric bike-share on travel behavior, attitudes, health, and equity
D Fitch, H Mohiuddin, S Handy
Physiological markers of traffic-related stress during active travel
A Bigazzi, F Ausri, L Peddie, D Fitch, E Puterman
Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour 84, 223-238, 2022
What makes bicyclists comfortable? Insights from a visual preference survey of casual and prospective bicyclists
DT Fitch, J Carlen, SL Handy
Transportation research part A: policy and practice 155, 434-449, 2022
Does bike-share enhance transport equity? Evidence from the Sacramento, California region
H Mohiuddin, DT Fitch-Polse, SL Handy
Journal of Transport Geography 109, 103588, 2023
Streamlining the development approval process in a post–level of service Los Angeles
JMB Volker, AE Lee, DT Fitch
Journal of the American Planning Association 85 (2), 114-132, 2019
MODIS vegetation metrics as indicators of hydrological response in watersheds of California Mediterranean-type climate zones
DT Fitch, DA Stow, AS Hope, S Rey
Remote Sensing of Environment 114 (11), 2513-2523, 2010
Can an incentive-based approach to rebalancing a dock-less bike-share system work? Evidence from Sacramento, California
T Fukushige, DT Fitch, S Handy
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 163, 181-194, 2022
The road environment and bicyclists' psychophysiological stress
D Fitch, J Sharpnack, S Handy
The 6th International Cycling Safety Conference, 2017
What Mobility Modes Do Shared E-Scooters Displace? A Review of Recent Research Findings
K Wang, X Qian, G Circella, Y Lee, J Malik, DT Fitch
Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting, 2021
Investigating the Influence of Dockless Electric Bike-share on Travel Behavior, Attitudes, Health, and Equity. UC Office of the President: University of California Institute of …
D Fitch, H Mohiuddin, S Handy
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