May T. Lim
May T. Lim
Professor of Physics, National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman
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Global pattern formation and ethnic/cultural violence
M Lim, R Metzler, Y Bar-Yam
Science 317 (5844), 1540-1544, 2007
Self-organized queuing and scale-free behavior in real escape panic
C Saloma, GJ Perez, G Tapang, M Lim, C Palmes-Saloma
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (21), 11947-11952, 2003
Streaming, disruptive interference and power-law behavior in the exit dynamics of confined pedestrians
GJ Perez, G Tapang, M Lim, C Saloma
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 312 (3), 609-618, 2002
Modelling the impacts of fish aggregating devices (FADs) and fish enhancing devices (FEDs) and their implications for managing small-scale fishery
RB Cabral, PM Aliño, MT Lim
ICES Journal of Marine Science 71 (7), 1750-1759, 2014
Effect of variable fishing strategy on fisheries under changing effort and pressure: An agent-based model application
RB Cabral, RC Geronimo, MT Lim, PM Aliño
Ecological Modelling 221 (2), 362-369, 2010
Siting marine protected areas based on habitat quality and extent provides the greatest benefit to spatially structured metapopulations
RB Cabral, SD Gaines, MT Lim, MP Atrigenio, SS Mamauag, ...
Ecosphere 7 (11), e01533, 2016
Modeling U-turn traffic flow
JSL Combinido, MT Lim
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 389 (17), 3640-3647, 2010
Optical-feedback semiconductor laser Michelson interferometer for displacement measurements with directional discrimination
PJ Rodrigo, M Lim, C Saloma
Applied Optics 40 (4), 506-513, 2001
Preferential detachment in broadcast signaling networks: Connectivity and cost trade-off
M Lim, D Braha, S Wijesinghe, S Tucker, Y Bar-Yam
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 79 (5), 58005, 2007
Confocality condition in two-color excitation microscopy with two focused excitation beams
M Lim, C Saloma
Optics communications 207 (1), 121-130, 2002
Direct signal recovery from threshold crossings
M Lim, C Saloma
Physical Review E 58 (5), 6759, 1998
A coupled stock-recruitment-age-structured model of the North Sea cod under the influence of depensation
RB Cabral, PM Aliño, MT Lim
Ecological Modelling 253, 1-8, 2013
Accurate forecasting of the undecided population in a public opinion poll
C Monterola, M Lim, J Garcia, C Saloma
Journal of Forecasting 21 (6), 435-449, 2002
Feasibility of a neural network as classifier of undecided respondents in a public opinion survey
C Monterola, M Lim, J Garcia, C Saloma
International Journal of Public Opinion Research 14 (2), 222-229, 2002
Quantifying regional differences in the length of Twitter messages
CM Alis, MT Lim, HS Moat, D Barchiesi, T Preis, SR Bishop
PloS one 10 (4), e0122278, 2015
Crowding effects in vehicular traffic
JSL Combinido, MT Lim
PloS one 7 (11), e48151, 2012
Primary spherical aberration in two-color (two-photon) excitation fluorescence microscopy with two confocal excitation beams
M Lim, C Saloma
Applied optics 42 (17), 3398-3406, 2003
Crossover transitions in a bus–car mixed-traffic cellular automata model
DN Dailisan, MT Lim
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 557, 124861, 2020
Vehicular traffic modeling with greedy lane-changing and inordinate waiting
DN Dailisan, MT Lim
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 521, 715-723, 2019
Spatio-temporal variation of conversational utterances on Twitter
CM Alis, MT Lim
PLOS ONE 8 (10), e77793, 2013
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