Song Weijie
Song Weijie
Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Preparation of solid silver nanoparticles for inkjet printed flexible electronics with high conductivity
W Shen, X Zhang, Q Huang, Q Xu, W Song
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Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution using Fe3O4–SiO2-poly (1, 2-diaminobenzene) core–shell sub-micron particles
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Properties of polyacrylic acid-coated silver nanoparticle ink for inkjet printing conductive tracks on paper with high conductivity
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Design, preparation, and durability of TiO2/SiO2 and ZrO2/SiO2 double-layer antireflective coatings in crystalline silicon solar modules
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A work function study of ultra-thin alumina formation on NiAl (1 1 0) surface
W Song, M Yoshitake
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Inverted All-Inorganic CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells with Promoted Efficiency and Stability by Nickel Incorporation
L Chen, L Wan, X Li, W Zhang, S Fu, Y Wang, S Li, HQ Wang, W Song, ...
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Solvothermal synthesis of highly crystallized quaternary chalcogenide Cu2FeSnS4 particles
X Jiang, W Xu, R Tan, W Song, J Chen
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A universal route to realize radiative cooling and light management in photovoltaic modules
Y Lu, Z Chen, L Ai, X Zhang, J Zhang, J Li, W Wang, R Tan, N Dai, ...
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Enhanced flexible room temperature ammonia sensor based on PEDOT: PSS thin film with FeCl3 additives prepared by inkjet printing
D Lv, W Chen, W Shen, M Peng, X Zhang, R Wang, L Xu, W Xu, W Song, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 298, 126890, 2019
Chemical anti-corrosion strategy for stable inverted perovskite solar cells
X Li, S Fu, W Zhang, S Ke, W Song, J Fang
Science advances 6 (51), eabd1580, 2020
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