Dzung Phan
Dzung Phan
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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ProxSARAH: An efficient algorithmic framework for stochastic composite nonconvex optimization
NH Pham, LM Nguyen, DT Phan, Q Tran-Dinh
Journal of Machine Learning Research 21 (110), 1-48, 2020
Some Efficient Optimization Methods for Solving the Security-Constrained Optimal Power Flow Problem
D Phan, J Kalagnanam
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 29 (99), 863-872, 2014
Fully decentralized AC optimal power flow algorithms
AX Sun, DT Phan, S Ghosh
2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5, 2013
Lagrangian duality and branch-and-bound algorithms for optimal power flow
DT Phan
Operations Research 60 (2), 275-285, 2012
Fast algorithms for image reconstruction with application to partially parallel MR imaging
Y Chen, W Hager, F Huang, D Phan, X Ye, W Yin
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 5 (1), 90-118, 2012
Finite-sum smooth optimization with SARAH
LM Nguyen, M van Dijk, DT Phan, PH Nguyen, TW Weng, ...
Computational Optimization and Applications 82 (3), 561-593, 2022
An exact algorithm for graph partitioning
WW Hager, DT Phan, H Zhang
Mathematical Programming 137 (1-2), 531-556, 2013
A unified convergence analysis for shuffling-type gradient methods
LM Nguyen, Q Tran-Dinh, DT Phan, PH Nguyen, M Van Dijk
Journal of Machine Learning Research 22 (207), 1-44, 2021
Minimal impact corrective actions in security-constrained optimal power flow via sparsity regularization
DT Phan, XA Sun
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 30 (4), 1947-1956, 2014
A hybrid stochastic optimization framework for composite nonconvex optimization
Q Tran-Dinh, NH Pham, DT Phan, LM Nguyen
Mathematical Programming 191 (2), 1005-1071, 2022
Gradient-based methods for sparse recovery
WW Hager, DT Phan, H Zhang
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 4 (1), 146-165, 2011
Two-stage stochastic optimization for optimal power flow under renewable generation uncertainty
D Phan, S Ghosh
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) 24 (1), 1-22, 2014
Hybrid stochastic gradient descent algorithms for stochastic nonconvex optimization
Q Tran-Dinh, NH Pham, DT Phan, LM Nguyen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.05920, 2019
Asset health management using predictive and prescriptive analytics for the electric power grid
A Goyal, E Aprilia, G Janssen, Y Kim, T Kumar, R Mueller, D Phan, ...
IBM Journal of Research and Development 60 (1), 4: 1-4: 14, 2016
A scalable MIP-based method for learning optimal multivariate decision trees
H Zhu, P Murali, D Phan, L Nguyen, J Kalagnanam
Advances in neural information processing systems 33, 1771-1781, 2020
Quantification of axial abnormality due to cerebellar ataxia with inertial measurements
N Nguyen, D Phan, PN Pathirana, M Horne, L Power, D Szmulewicz
Sensors 18 (9), 2791, 2018
Multi-task multi-modal models for collective anomaly detection
T Idé, DT Phan, J Kalagnanam
2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 177-186, 2017
Optimized asset maintenance and replacement schedule
D Phan, JJ Xiong
US Patent 9,959,514, 2018
FedDR–randomized Douglas-Rachford splitting algorithms for nonconvex federated composite optimization
Q Tran Dinh, NH Pham, D Phan, L Nguyen
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34, 30326-30338, 2021
Multi-stage optimization for periodic inspection planning of geo-distributed infrastructure systems
DT Phan, Y Zhu
European Journal of Operational Research 245 (3), 797-804, 2015
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