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Krasikova Alla
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Avian lampbrush chromosomes: a powerful tool for exploration of genome expression
E Gaginskaya, T Kulikova, A Krasikova
Cytogenetic and genome research 124 (3-4), 251-267, 2009
On the positions of centromeres in chicken lampbrush chromosomes
A Krasikova, S Deryusheva, S Galkina, A Kurganova, A Evteev, ...
Chromosome Research 14 (7), 777-789, 2006
3D organization of chicken genome demonstrates evolutionary conservation of topologically associated domains and highlights unique architecture of erythrocytes’ chromatin
V Fishman, N Battulin, M Nuriddinov, A Maslova, A Zlotina, A Strunov, ...
Nucleic acids research 47 (2), 648-665, 2019
Tandem 41-bp repeats in chicken and Japanese quail genomes: FISH mapping and transcription analysis on lampbrush chromosomes
S Deryusheva, A Krasikova, T Kulikova, E Gaginskaya
Chromosoma 116 (6), 519-530, 2007
Lampbrush chromosomes of the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs L.
A Saifitdinova, S Derjusheva, A Krasikova, E Gaginskaya
Chromosome research 11 (2), 99-113, 2003
Optional endoreplication and selective elimination of parental genomes during oogenesis in diploid and triploid hybrid European water frogs
D Dedukh, S Litvinchuk, J Rosanov, G Mazepa, A Saifitdinova, ...
PloS one 10 (4), e0123304, 2015
Cohesion proteins are present in centromere protein bodies associated with avian lampbrush chromosomes
A Krasikova, JL Barbero, E Gaginskaya
Chromosome Research 13 (7), 675-685, 2005
Centromeric protein bodies on avian lampbrush chromosomes contain a protein detectable with an antibody against DNA topoisomerase II
A Krasikova, T Kulikova, A Saifitdinova, S Derjusheva, E Gaginskaya
Chromosoma 113 (6), 316-323, 2004
Centromere positions in chicken and Japanese quail chromosomes: de novo centromere formation versus pericentric inversions
A Zlotina, S Galkina, A Krasikova, RPMA Crooijmans, MAM Groenen, ...
Chromosome research 20 (8), 1017-1032, 2012
Nuclear actin depolymerization in transcriptionally active avian and amphibian oocytes leads to collapse of intranuclear structures
A Maslova, A Krasikova
Nucleus 3 (3), 300-311, 2012
Cytological maps of lampbrush chromosomes of European water frogs (Pelophylax esculentuscomplex) from the Eastern Ukraine
D Dedukh, G Mazepa, D Shabanov, J Rosanov, S Litvinchuk, L Borkin, ...
BMC genetics 14 (1), 1-20, 2013
Polymorphic heterochromatic segments in Japanese quail microchromosomes
A Krasikova, A Daks, A Zlotina, E Gaginskaya
Cytogenetic and genome research 126 (1-2), 148-155, 2009
Non-canonical Cajal bodies form in the nucleus of late stage avian oocytes lacking functional nucleolus
T Khodyuchenko, E Gaginskaya, A Krasikova
Histochemistry and cell biology 138 (1), 57-73, 2012
Mutual maintenance of di-and triploid Pelophylax esculentus hybrids in RE systems: results from artificial crossings experiments
D Dedukh, S Litvinchuk, J Rosanov, D Shabanov, A Krasikova
BMC evolutionary biology 17 (1), 1-15, 2017
Microdissection of lampbrush chromosomes as an approach for generation of locus-specific FISH-probes and samples for high-throughput sequencing
A Zlotina, T Kulikova, N Kosyakova, T Liehr, A Krasikova
BMC genomics 17 (1), 1-15, 2016
Three-dimensional organisation of RNA-processing machinery in avian growing oocyte nucleus
A Krasikova, T Khodyuchenko, A Maslova, E Vasilevskaya
Chromosome research 20 (8), 979-994, 2012
High-resolution mapping and transcriptional activity analysis of chicken centromere sequences on giant lampbrush chromosomes
A Krasikova, T Fukagawa, A Zlotina
Chromosome research 20 (8), 995-1008, 2012
Precise identification of chicken chromosomes in the lampbrush form using chromosome painting probes
S Derjusheva, A Kurganova, A Krasikova, A Saifitdinova, FA Habermann, ...
Chromosome Research 11 (8), 749-757, 2003
Transcription of highly repetitive tandemly organized DNA in amphibians and birds: a historical overview and modern concepts
I Trofimova, A Krasikova
RNA biology 13 (12), 1246-1257, 2016
Chicken lampbrush chromosomes: transcription of tandemly repetitive DNA sequences
AV Krasikova, EV Vasilevskaya, ER Gaginskaya
Russian journal of genetics 46 (10), 1173-1177, 2010
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