Research Director at Neel Institute, CNRS Grenoble, France
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Quantum coherence with a single Cooper pair
V Bouchiat, D Vion, P Joyez, D Esteve, MH Devoret
Physica Scripta 1998 (T76), 165, 1998
Carbon nanotube superconducting quantum interference device
JP Cleuziou, W Wernsdorfer, V Bouchiat, T Ondarçuhu, M Monthioux
Nature nanotechnology 1 (1), 53-59, 2006
Quantum phase transition in a single-molecule quantum dot
N Roch, S Florens, V Bouchiat, W Wernsdorfer, F Balestro
Nature 453 (7195), 633-637, 2008
Hybrid superconductor–semiconductor devices made from self-assembled SiGe nanocrystals on silicon
G Katsaros, P Spathis, M Stoffel, F Fournel, M Mongillo, V Bouchiat, ...
Nature nanotechnology 5 (6), 458-464, 2010
Lift‐off lithography using an atomic force microscope
V Bouchiat, D Esteve
Applied physics letters 69 (20), 3098-3100, 1996
Strong tunneling in the single-electron transistor
P Joyez, V Bouchiat, D Esteve, C Urbina, MH Devoret
Physical review letters 79 (7), 1349, 1997
Strain superlattices and macroscale suspension of graphene induced by corrugated substrates
A Reserbat-Plantey, D Kalita, Z Han, L Ferlazzo, S Autier-Laurent, ...
Nano letters 14 (9), 5044-5051, 2014
Superconductivity in a single-C 60 transistor
CB Winkelmann, N Roch, W Wernsdorfer, V Bouchiat, F Balestro
Nature Physics 5 (12), 876-879, 2009
Electrical control of the superconducting-to-insulating transition in graphene–metal hybrids
A Allain, Z Han, V Bouchiat
Nature materials 11 (7), 590-594, 2012
Collapse of superconductivity in a hybrid tin–graphene Josephson junction array
Z Han, A Allain, H Arjmandi-Tash, K Tikhonov, M Feigel’Man, B Sacépé, ...
Nature Physics 10 (5), 380-386, 2014
Homogeneous optical and electronic properties of graphene due to the suppression of multilayer patches during CVD on copper foils
Z Han, A Kimouche, D Kalita, A Allain, H Arjmandi‐Tash, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (7), 964-970, 2014
Josephson junctions and superconducting quantum interference devices made by local oxidation of niobium ultrathin films
V Bouchiat, M Faucher, C Thirion, W Wernsdorfer, T Fournier, B Pannetier
Applied Physics Letters 79 (1), 123-125, 2001
Optical switching of porphyrin-coated silicon nanowire field effect transistors
CB Winkelmann, I Ionica, X Chevalier, G Royal, C Bucher, V Bouchiat
Nano letters 7 (6), 1454-1458, 2007
Tunable superconducting phase transition in metal-decorated graphene sheets
BM Kessler, ÇÖ Girit, A Zettl, V Bouchiat
Physical review letters 104 (4), 047001, 2010
Single-walled carbon nanotube–superconductor entangler: noise correlations and Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen states
V Bouchiat, N Chtchelkatchev, D Feinberg, GB Lesovik, T Martin, J Torres
Nanotechnology 14 (1), 77, 2002
Tunable graphene dc superconducting quantum interference device
C Girit, V Bouchiat, O Naaman, Y Zhang, MF Crommie, A Zettl, I Siddiqi
Nano letters 9 (1), 198-199, 2009
Detection of magnetic moments using a nano-SQUID: limits of resolution and sensitivity in near-field SQUID magnetometry
V Bouchiat
Superconductor Science and Technology 22 (6), 064002, 2009
Growth of silicon oxide on hydrogenated silicon during lithography with an atomic force microscope
F Marchi, V Bouchiat, H Dallaporta, V Safarov, D Tonneau, P Doppelt
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 1998
A local optical probe for measuring motion and stress in a nanoelectromechanical system
A Reserbat-Plantey, L Marty, O Arcizet, N Bendiab, V Bouchiat
Nature nanotechnology 7 (3), 151-155, 2012
Niobium and niobium nitride SQUIDs based on anodized nanobridges made with an atomic force microscope
M Faucher, T Fournier, B Pannetier, C Thirion, W Wernsdorfer, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 368 (1-4), 211-217, 2002
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