Dominik Kopeć
Dominik Kopeć
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The negative impact of intentionally introduced Quercus rubra L. on a forest community
B Woziwoda, D Kopec, J Witkowski
Acta societatis botanicorum Poloniae 83 (1), 2014
The relationship between vegetation and groundwater levels as an indicator of spontaneous wetland restoration
D Kopeć, D Michalska-Hejduk, E Krogulec
Ecological Engineering 57, 242-251, 2013
Afforestation or natural succession? Looking for the best way to manage abandoned cut-over peatlands for biodiversity conservation
B Woziwoda, D Kopeć
Ecological Engineering 63, 143-152, 2014
Floodplain forest vegetation response to hydroengineering and climatic pressure–A five decade comparative analysis in the Bzura River valley (Central Poland)
D Kopeć, N Ratajczyk, A Wolańska-Kamińska, M Walisch, A Kruk
Forest Ecology and Management 314, 120-130, 2014
Application of multisensoral remote sensing data in the mapping of alkaline fens Natura 2000 habitat
D KopeĿ, D Michalska-Hejduk, T Berezowski, M Borowski, S Rosadziſski, ...
Ecological Indicators 70, 196-208, 2016
How threatened is the Polish wetland flora?
D Kopeć, D Michalska-Hejduk
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 41 (3), 79-89, 2012
Species diversity, biomass accumulation and carbon sequestration in the understorey of post-agricultural Scots pine forests
B Woziwoda, A Parzych, D Kopeć
Silva Fenn 48 (5), 23, 2014
Dynamics of Semi-Natural Vegetation with a Focus on Molinion Meadows after 50 Years of Strict.
D Michalska-Hejduk, D Kopeć
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 21 (6), 2012
Multiple flights or single flight instrument fusion of hyperspectral and ALS data? A comparison of their performance for vegetation mapping
Ł Sławik, J Niedzielko, A Kania, H Piórkowski, D Kopeć
Remote Sensing 11 (8), 970, 2019
Multitemporal hyperspectral data fusion with topographic indices—Improving classification of Natura 2000 grassland habitats
A Marcinkowska-Ochtyra, K Gryguc, A Ochtyra, D Kopeć, A Jarocińska, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (19), 2264, 2019
Comparison of physical and chemical properties of water and floristic diversity of oxbow lakes under different levels of human pressure: A case study of the lower San River …
D Michalska-Hejduk, D Kopeć, A Drobniewska, B Sumorok
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 9 (2-4), 183-191, 2009
The t-SNE algorithm as a tool to improve the quality of reference data used in accurate mapping of heterogeneous non-forest vegetation
A Halladin-Dąbrowska, A Kania, D Kopeć
Remote Sensing 12 (1), 39, 2020
Mapping succession in non-forest habitats by means of remote sensing: is the data acquisition time critical for species discrimination?
K Osińska-Skotak, A Radecka, H Piórkowski, D Michalska-Hejduk, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (22), 2629, 2019
Using airborne hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy to accurately monitor invasive and expansive herb plants: limitations and requirements of the method
D Kopeć, A Zakrzewska, A Halladin-Dąbrowska, J Wylazłowska, A Kania, ...
Sensors 19 (13), 2871, 2019
6410 Zmiennowilgotne łąki trzęślicowe (Molinion)
D Michalska-Hejduk, D Kopeć
W: MRÓZ W.(red.). Monitoring siedlisk przyrodniczych. Przewodnik metodyczny …, 2012
Analysis of using dense image matching techniques to study the process of secondary succession in non-forest Natura 2000 habitats
K Osińska-Skotak, Ł Jełowicki, K Bakuła, D Michalska-Hejduk, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (8), 893, 2019
Using macrophytes as trophic state indicators in upland river waters: a case study of the Czarna Maleniecka River
D Kopeć, R Dałkowski, P Urbaniak
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 39 (1), 119-126, 2010
Problemy realizacji systemu przyrodniczego miasta na przykładzie Łodzi
N Ratajczyk, A Wolańska-Kamińska, D Kopeć, KOP UŁ
Zrównoważony rozwój na poziomie lokalnym i regionalnym: Wyzwania dla miast i …, 2010
Flora dynamics in a strictly protected nature reserve
D Kopeć, A Halladin-Dąbrowska, I Zając
Environmental Protection 16, 2004
Pradolina Bzury–Neru
L Kucharski, D Kopeć, A Traut-Seliga, Z Wojciechowski, D Rachalewska, ...
Monografia przyrodnicza obszaru Natura, 2000
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