Kwing Tong
Kwing Tong
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Silver nanowire percolation network soldered with graphene oxide at room temperature and its application for fully stretchable polymer light-emitting diodes
J Liang, L Li, K Tong, Z Ren, W Hu, X Niu, Y Chen, Q Pei
ACS nano 8 (2), 1590-1600, 2014
A water-based silver-nanowire screen-print ink for the fabrication of stretchable conductors and wearable thin-film transistors
J Liang, K Tong, Q Pei
Advanced Materials 28 (28), 2016
Highly efficient electrocaloric cooling with electrostatic actuation
R Ma, Z Zhang, K Tong, D Huber, R Kornbluh, YS Ju, Q Pei
Science 357 (6356), 1130-1134, 2017
Thermally stable silver nanowire–polyimide transparent electrode based on atomic layer deposition of zinc oxide on silver nanowires
D Chen, J Liang, C Liu, G Saldanha, F Zhao, K Tong, J Liu, Q Pei
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (48), 7512-7520, 2015
Highly flexible organometal halide perovskite quantum dot based light-emitting diodes on a silver nanowire–polymer composite electrode
F Zhao, D Chen, S Chang, H Huang, K Tong, C Xiao, S Chou, H Zhong, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (3), 531-538, 2017
Mitigation of electrical failure of silver nanowires under current flow and the application for long lifetime organic light‐emitting diodes
D Chen, F Zhao, K Tong, G Saldanha, C Liu, Q Pei
Advanced Electronic Materials 2 (8), 1600167, 2016
Efficient Light Extraction of Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes on a Fully Solution‐Processed Flexible Substrate
K Tong, X Liu, F Zhao, D Chen, Q Pei
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (18), 2017
Transparent perovskite light-emitting touch-responsive device
SY Chou, R Ma, Y Li, F Zhao, K Tong, Z Yu, Q Pei
ACS nano 11 (11), 11368-11375, 2017
Multi-colored light-emitting electrochemical cells based on thermal activated delayed fluorescence host
J Liu, J Oliva, K Tong, F Zhao, D Chen, Q Pei
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1524, 2017
Rollerball‐pen‐drawing technology for extremely foldable paper‐based electronics
S Liu, J Li, X Shi, E Gao, Z Xu, H Tang, K Tong, Q Pei, J Liang, Y Chen
Advanced Electronic Materials 3 (7), 1700098, 2017
A Solution Processed Flexible Nanocomposite Substrate with Efficient Light Extraction via Periodic Wrinkles for White Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes
Y Huang, Y Liu, K Youssef, K Tong, Y Tian, Q Pei
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (23), 1801015, 2018
Electrolyte-Gated Red, Green, and Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
J Liu, D Chen, X Luan, K Tong, F Zhao, C Liu, Q Pei, H Li
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (14), 12647-12653, 2017
Study of white electroluminescence from a single-component polymer using an electrolyte-gated diode
J Liu, SY Chou, K Tong, X Luan, F Zhao, Q Pei, H Li
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (18), 10112-10118, 2017
Intrinsically stretchable field-effect transistors
J Liang, K Tong, H Sun, Q Pei
MRS Bulletin 42 (2), 131-137, 2017
12‐1: Invited Paper: Stretchable Transparent Electrodes Based on Silver Nanowires
K Tong, D Chen, J Liang, Q Pei
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 48 (1), 139-142, 2017
Intrinsically-Stretchable, Transparent Thin Film Transistors
K Tong, J Liang, Q Pei
ECS Transactions 75 (10), 205, 2016
Solution-Processed Low-Cost Approaches for High-Efficiency Organic Light Emitting Diodes Substrates
KSM Tong
University of California, Los Angeles, 2018
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