John Cluverius
John Cluverius
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As goes the statue, so goes the war: The emergence of the victory frame in television coverage of the Iraq War
S Aday, J Cluverius, S Livingston
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 49 (3), 314-331, 2005
Elite polarization, party extremity, and affective polarization
KK Banda, J Cluverius
Electoral Studies 56, 90-101, 2018
How the flattened costs of grassroots lobbying affect legislator responsiveness
J Cluverius
Political Research Quarterly 70 (2), 279-290, 2017
Party competition, party polarization, and the changing demand for lobbying in the American states
V Gray, J Cluverius, JJ Harden, B Shor, D Lowery
American Politics Research 43 (2), 175-204, 2015
Explaining the anomalous growth of public sector lobbying in the American States, 1997–2007
D Lowery, V Gray, J Cluverius, JJ Harden
Publius: The Journal of Federalism 43 (4), 580-599, 2013
Temporal change in the density of state interest communities: 1980 to 2007
D Lowery, V Gray, J Cluverius
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 15 (2), 263-286, 2015
Focus on prevention: The public is more supportive of “overdose prevention sites” than they are of “safe injection facilities”
KM Socia, R Stone, WR Palacios, J Cluverius
Criminology & public policy 20 (4), 729-754, 2021
Economic change and the supply of interest representation in the American States
D Lowery, V Gray, J Cluverius
Business and Politics 15 (1), 1-29, 0
Automated estimates of state interest group lobbying populations
A Garlick, J Cluverius
Interest Groups & Advocacy 9 (3), 396-409, 2020
Grass-roots lobbying and the provision of information-processing resources in state legislatures
J Cluverius
The Journal of legislative studies 27 (1), 136-154, 2021
How the Alt‐Right Label Informs Political Assessments
J Cluverius, KK Banda, HR Daly
Social Science Quarterly 101 (5), 1699-1711, 2020
UMass Lowell center for public opinion 2018 faculty research poll
JJ Dyck, F Talty, J Cluverius
How trust attitudes promote grassroots lobbying in the American States
J Cluverius, KK Banda
Social Science Quarterly 99 (3), 1006-1020, 2018
Sports, science, and partisanship in the United States: chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the polarisation of an apolitical issue
JJ Dyck, J Cluverius, JN Gerson
International journal of sport policy and politics 11 (1), 133-152, 2019
A distinction with a difference? investigating the difference between liberals and progressives
KK Banda, J Cluverius, L Mason, H Noel
Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, 2018
White Americans’ evaluations of the alt-right
KK Banda, J Cluverius
American Politics Research 51 (4), 435-442, 2023
Deconstructing Popular Mythologies about Millennials and Party Identification
J Cluverius, JJ Dyck
The Forum 17 (2), 271-294, 2019
Grassroots lobbying and the economics of political information in the digital age
J Cluverius
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015
Too Harsh for Me but Not for Thee? Threat Control, Personal Freedom, and Perception of Pandemic Policy
KM Socia, R Stone, WR Palacios, JG Cluverius
Justice Quarterly 39 (7), 1592-1617, 2022
Polarization and Political Party Factions in the 2020 Election
Z Albert, BK Arbour, KK Banda, TL Belt, RG Boatright, MD Brewer, ...
Rowman & Littlefield, 2022
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