Mukhambetkali Burkitbayev
Mukhambetkali Burkitbayev
al-Farabi Kazakh National University
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Elaboration and characterization of natural diatomite in Aktyubinsk/Kazakhstan
S Nasir, T Theye, HJ Massonne
The Open Mineralogy Journal 3 (1), 2009
Americium, plutonium and uranium contamination and speciation in well waters, streams and atomic lakes in the Sarzhal region of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Kazakhstan
LL Vintró, PI Mitchell, A Omarova, M Burkitbayev, HJ Nápoles, ND Priest
Journal of environmental radioactivity 100 (4), 308-314, 2009
Assessment of the radiological impact of gamma and radon dose rates at former U mining sites in Central Asia
P Stegnar, I Shishkov, M Burkitbayev, B Tolongutov, M Yunusov, ...
Journal of environmental radioactivity 123, 3-13, 2013
Environmental impact assessment of radionuclides and trace elements at the Kurday U mining site, Kazakhstan
B Salbu, M Burkitbaev, G Strømman, I Shishkov, P Kayukov, B Uralbekov, ...
Journal of environmental radioactivity 123, 14-27, 2013
Growth of carbon nanotubes on diatomite
ESM Duraia, M Burkitbaev, H Mohamedbakr, Z Mansurov, S Tokmolden, ...
Vacuum 84 (4), 464-468, 2009
Uranium in natural waters sampled within former uranium mining sites in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
B Uralbekov, B Smodis, M Burkitbayev
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 289 (3), 805-810, 2011
The removal of arsenate from water using iron-modified diatomite (D-Fe): isotherm and column experiments
ML Pantoja, H Jones, H Garelick, HG Mohamedbakr, M Burkitbayev
Environmental science and pollution research 21 (1), 495-506, 2014
Sulfur-mediated mechanochemical synthesis of spherical and needle-like copper sulfide nanocrystals with antibacterial activity
Z Shalabayev, M Baláz, N Daneu, E Dutková, Z Bujnáková, M Kanuchová, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (15), 12897-12909, 2019
Mechanochemical synthesis of colloidal sulfur particles in the Na 2 S 2 O 3–H 2 (C 4 H 4 O 4)–Na 2 SO 3 system
FK Urakaev, AI Bulavchenko, BM Uralbekov, IA Massalimov, ...
Colloid Journal 78 (2), 210-219, 2016
Antifungal activity of inorganic micro-and nanoparticles against pathogenic Fungi compared with some traditional organic drugs
I Massalimov, Y Medvedev, F Urakaev, AIS Ahmed, B Muhambetkali
Am.-Eur. J. Agricult. Envir. Sci 16 (4), 652-662, 2016
Spatial and temporal variability of 234 U/238 U activity ratios in the Shu River, Central Asia
B Uralbekov, M Burkitbayev, B Satybaldiyev, I Matveyeva, T Tuzova, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 72 (9), 3635-3642, 2014
Tritium in well waters, streams and atomic lakes in the East Kazakhstan Oblast of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
PI Mitchell, LL Vintró, A Omarova, M Burkitbayev, HJ Nápoles, ND Priest
Journal of radiological protection 25 (2), 141, 2005
Understanding sulphuric acid leaching of uranium from ore by means of 234U/238U activity ratio as an indicator
B Satybaldiyev, J Lehto, J Suksi, H Tuovinen, B Uralbekov, M Burkitbayev
Hydrometallurgy 155, 125-131, 2015
Uranium series radionuclides in surface waters from the Shu river (Kazakhstan)
M Burkitbayev, B Uralbekov, S Nazarkulova, I Matveyeva, LL Vintró
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 14 (4), 1189-1194, 2012
Source-term characterisation and solid speciation of plutonium at the Semipalatinsk NTS, Kazakhstan
HJ Nápoles, LL Vintró, PI Mitchell, A Omarova, M Burkitbayev, ND Priest, ...
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 61 (2-3), 325-331, 2004
Investigation of the radiological situation in the Sarzhal region of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
N Priest, M Burkitbayev, O Artemyev, S Lukashenko, PI Mitchell
NATO SEMIRAD Project Final Report, Contract SfP-976046 (99), 103, 2003
Mechanochemical synthesis of silver chloride nanoparticles by a dilution method in the system NH4Cl-AgNO3-NH4NO3
BB Tatykaev, MM Burkitbayev, BM Uralbekov, FK Urakaev
Acta Phys. Pol. A 126, 1044-1048, 2014
In-vitro analysis of the dissolution kinetics and systemic availability of plutonium ingested in the form of ‘hot’particles from the Semipalatinsk NTS
M Conway, LL Vintró, PI Mitchell, R Garcia-Tenorio, MC Jimenez-Ramos, ...
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 67 (5), 884-888, 2009
Reactive transport in the underground leaching of uranium: Asymptotic analytical solution for multi-reaction model
M Panfilov, B Uralbekov, M Burkitbayev
Hydrometallurgy 160, 60-72, 2016
Lack of mutagenic activity of sulfur nanoparticles in micronucleus test on L5178Y Cell Culture
RA Islamov, I Bishimova, AN Sabitov, AI Ilin, MM Burkitbaev
Cell and Tissue Biology 12 (1), 27-32, 2018
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