Dmitriy Dovzhenko
Dmitriy Dovzhenko
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Light–matter interaction in the strong coupling regime: configurations, conditions, and applications
DS Dovzhenko, SV Ryabchuk, YP Rakovich, IR Nabiev
Nanoscale 10 (8), 3589-3605, 2018
Enhancement of spontaneous emission of semiconductor quantum dots inside one-dimensional porous silicon photonic crystals
D Dovzhenko, I Martynov, P Samokhvalov, E Osipov, M Lednev, ...
Optics Express 28 (15), 22705-22717, 2020
Enhancement of spontaneous emission from CdSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots at the edge of the photonic band gap in a porous silicon Bragg mirror
D Dovzhenko, E Osipov, I Martynov, P Linkov, A Chistyakov
Physics Procedia 73, 126-130, 2015
Polariton-assisted manipulation of energy relaxation pathways: donor–acceptor role reversal in a tuneable microcavity
D Dovzhenko, M Lednev, K Mochalov, I Vaskan, Y Rakovich, A Karaulov, ...
Chemical Science 12 (38), 12794-12805, 2021
Polariton-assisted splitting of broadband emission spectra of strongly coupled organic dye excitons in tunable optical microcavity
D Dovzhenko, K Mochalov, I Vaskan, I Kryukova, Y Rakovich, I Nabiev
Optics Express 27 (4), 4077-4089, 2019
A versatile tunable microcavity for investigation of light–matter interaction
KE Mochalov, IS Vaskan, DS Dovzhenko, YP Rakovich, I Nabiev
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (5), 2018
Modulation of quantum dot photoluminescence in porous silicon photonic crystals as a function of the depth of their penetration
DS Dovzhenko, IL Martynov, PS Samokhvalov, KE Mochalov, ...
Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices XII 9885, 25-30, 2016
Photoluminescence of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in a porous silicon microcavity
DS Dovzhenko, IL Martynov, PS Samokhvalov, IS Eremin, GE Kotkovskii, ...
Nanophotonics V 9126, 492-498, 2014
Influence of electro-chemical etching parameters on the reflectance spectra of porous silicon rugate filters
RA Rakhimov, EV Osipov, DS Dovzhenko, IL Martynov, AA Chistyakov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 737 (1), 012026, 2016
Silicon photonic structures with embedded polymers for novel sensing methods
EV Osipov, IL Martynov, DS Dovzhenko, PS Ananev, GE Kotkovskii, ...
Optics and Spectroscopy 122, 74-78, 2017
Porous silicon microcavity modulates the photoluminescence spectra of organic polymers and quantum dots
D Dovzhenko, E Osipov, I Martynov, P Samokhvalov, I Eremin, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 3 (2), 485-490, 2016
Spectral and spatial characteristics of the electromagnetic modes in a tunable optical microcavity cell for studying hybrid light–matter states
DS Dovzhenko, IS Vaskan, KE Mochalov, YP Rakovich, IR Nabiev
Jetp Letters 109, 12-17, 2019
Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization of trinitrotoluene on porous silicon under ambient conditions
Y Kuzishchin, I Martynov, D Dovzhenko, G Kotkovskii, A Chistyakov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (11), 6382-6388, 2015
Enhanced spontaneous emission from two-photon-pumped quantum dots in a porous silicon microcavity
D Dovzhenko, V Krivenkov, I Kriukova, P Samokhvalov, A Karaulov, ...
Optics Letters 45 (19), 5364-5367, 2020
Strong exciton− photon coupling with colloidal quantum dots in a tunable microcavity
D Dovzhenko, M Lednev, K Mochalov, I Vaskan, P Samokhvalov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 119 (1), 2021
Enhancement of the photoluminescence of semiconductor nanocrystals in transfer-printed microcavities based on freestanding porous silicon photonic crystals
IS Kryukova, DS Dovzhenko, YP Rakovich, IR Nabiev
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1439 (1), 012018, 2020
Modeling and optimization of the porous silicon photonic structures
DS Dovzhenko, AA Chistyakov, IR Nabiev
KnE Energy, 75–81-75–81, 2018
Ionization of the nitroaromatic compounds in an ion mobility spectrometer with an ion source based on porous silicon under laser irradiation
I Martynov, Y Kuzishchin, D Dovzhenko, G Kotkovskii, A Chistyakov
Physics Procedia 73, 163-167, 2015
Porous silicon photonic crystal as a substrate for high efficiency biosensing
DS Dovzhenko, AA Chistyakov, IR Nabiev
KnE Energy, 69–74-69–74, 2018
Modeling of the optical properties of porous silicon photonic crystals in the visible spectral range
DS Dovzhenko, IL Martynov, IS Kryukova, AA Chistyakov, IR Nabiev
Optics and Spectroscopy 122, 79-82, 2017
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