Andrey Bronevich
Andrey Bronevich
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Measures of uncertainty for imprecise probabilities: an axiomatic approach
A Bronevich, GJ Klir
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On the closure of families of fuzzy measures under eventwise aggregations
AG Bronevich
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A Bronevich, I Rozenberg
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A Bronevich, T Augustin
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AG Bronevich, AE Lepskiy
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The contradiction between belief functions: its description, measurement, and correction based on generalized credal sets
AG Bronevich, IN Rozenberg
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The Application of Conflict Measure to Estimating Incoherence of Analyst's Forecasts about the Cost of Shares of Russian Companies
A Bronevich, A Lepskiy, H Penikas
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Ranking probability measures by inclusion indices in the case of unknown utility function
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Measures of conflict, basic axioms and their application to the clusterization of a body of evidence
AG Bronevich, AE Lepskiy
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AG Bronevich
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AG Bronevich, IN Rozenberg
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A Bronevich, A Lepskiy
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Geometrical fuzzy measures in image processing and pattern recognition
A Bronevich, A Lepskiy
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Statistical classes and fuzzy set theoretical classification of probability distributions
AG Bronevich, AN Karkishchenko
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AG Bronevich, IN Rozenberg
Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty: 14th …, 2017
The generalization of the conjunctive rule for aggregating contradictory sources of information based on generalized credal sets
AG Bronevich, IN Rozenberg
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Imprecise Probability …, 2015
Conjunctive rules in the theory of belief functions and their justification through decisions models
AG Bronevich, IN Rozenberg
Belief Functions: Theory and Applications: 4th International Conference …, 2016
Matematicheskie metody raspoznavaniya obrazov [Mathematical methods of pattern recognition]
AE Lepskii, AG Bronevich
Taganrog, Izd-vo TTI YuFU, 2009
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