Manish Agarwal
Manish Agarwal
Computer Services Center, Indian Institute of Technology
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Role of Reduced CeO2 (110) Surface for CO2 Reduction to CO and Methanol
N Kumari, MA Haider, M Agarwal, N Sinha, S Basu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (30), 16626-16635, 2016
Relationship between Structure, Entropy, and Diffusivity in Water and Water-Like Liquids
M Agarwal, M Singh, R Sharma, M Parvez Alam, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (20), 6995-7001, 2010
Thermodynamic, diffusional, and structural anomalies in rigid-body water models
M Agarwal, MP Alam, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (21), 6935-6945, 2011
Estimating the entropy of liquids from atom–atom radial distribution functions: silica, beryllium fluoride and water
R Sharma, M Agarwal, C Chakravarty
Molecular Physics 106 (15), 1925-1938, 2008
Tetrahedral order, pair correlation entropy, and waterlike liquid state anomalies: Comparison of GeO2 with BeF2, SiO2, and H2O
BS Jabes, M Agarwal, C Chakravarty
Journal of Chemical Physics 132 (23), 234507, 2010
Comparison of Tetrahedral Order, Liquid State Anomalies, and Hydration Behavior of mTIP3P and TIP4P Water Models
D Nayar, M Agarwal, C Chakravarty
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 7 (10), 3354-3367, 2011
Relationship between structure, entropy, and mobility in network-forming ionic melts
M Agarwal, C Chakravarty
Physical Review E 79 (3), 030202, 2009
Ionic melts with waterlike anomalies: Thermodynamic properties of liquid BeF2
M Agarwal, R Sharma, C Chakravarty
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (16), 2007
Local order, energy, and mobility of water molecules in the hydration shell of small peptides
M Agarwal, HR Kushwaha, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (1), 651-659, 2010
Waterlike structural and excess entropy anomalies in liquid beryllium fluoride
M Agarwal, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (46), 13294-13300, 2007
Enhanced Polymeric Dielectrics through Incorporation of Hydroxyl Groups
M Misra, M Agarwal, DW Sinkovits, SK Kumar, C Wang, G Pilania, ...
Macromolecules 47 (3), 1122-1129, 2014
Looking through glass: Knowledge discovery from materials science literature using natural language processing
V Venugopal, S Sahoo, M Zaki, M Agarwal, NN Gosvami, NMA Krishnan
Patterns 2 (7), 2021
Excess entropy scaling of transport properties in network-forming ionic melts (SiO2 and BeF2)
M Agarwal, M Singh, BS Jabes, C Chakravarty
The Journal of chemical physics 134 (1), 014502, 2011
Transport properties of tetrahedral, network-forming ionic melts
M Agarwal, A Ganguly, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (46), 15284-15292, 2009
Reformulation of Gasoline to Replace Aromatics by Biomass-Derived Alkyl Levulinates
G Shrivastav, TS Khan, M Agarwal, MA Haider
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (8), 7118-7127, 2017
Oxygen anion diffusion in double perovskite GdBaCo 2 O 5+ δ and LnBa 0.5 Sr 0.5 Co 2− x Fe x O 5+ δ (Ln= Gd, Pr, Nd) electrodes
U Anjum, S Vashishtha, M Agarwal, P Tiwari, N Sinha, A Agrawal, S Basu, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (18), 7631-7640, 2016
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in glass science and technology: 21 challenges for the 21st century
Ravinder, V Venugopal, S Bishnoi, S Singh, M Zaki, HS Grover, M Bauchy, ...
International journal of applied glass science 12 (3), 277-292, 2021
Paradoxical effect of trehalose on the aggregation of α-synuclein: Expedites onset of aggregation yet reduces fibril load
N Katyal, M Agarwal, R Sen, V Kumar, S Deep
ACS chemical neuroscience 9 (6), 1477-1491, 2018
Structural correlations and cooperative dynamics in supercooled liquids
M Singh, M Agarwal, D Dhabal, C Chakravarty
The Journal of Chemical Physics 137 (2), 2012
Diffusion mechanism and electrochemical investigation of 1T phase Al–MoS2@ rGO nano-composite as a high-performance anode for sodium-ion batteries
MK Singh, J Pati, D Seth, J Prasad, M Agarwal, MA Haider, JK Chang, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 454, 140140, 2023
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