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Recent advances on graphene quantum dots: from chemistry and physics to applications
Y Yan, J Gong, J Chen, Z Zeng, W Huang, K Pu, J Liu, P Chen
Advanced materials 31 (21), 1808283, 2019
Magnetic and highly recyclable macroporous carbon nanotubes for spilled oil sorption and separation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, Y Zhu, A Cao, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (12), 5845-5850, 2013
Boosting the Photocatalytic Ability of Cu2O Nanowires for CO2 Conversion by MXene Quantum Dots
Z Zeng, Y Yan, J Chen, P Zan, Q Tian, P Chen
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (2), 1806500, 2019
Breaking long-range order in iridium oxide by alkali ion for efficient water oxidation
J Gao, CQ Xu, SF Hung, W Liu, W Cai, Z Zeng, C Jia, HM Chen, H Xiao, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (7), 3014-3023, 2019
Carbon nanotube sponges, aerogels, and hierarchical composites: synthesis, properties, and energy applications
Z Lin, Z Zeng, X Gui, Z Tang, M Zou, A Cao
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (17), 1600554, 2016
Graphene oxide quantum dots covalently functionalized PVDF membrane with significantly-enhanced bactericidal and antibiofouling performances
Z Zeng, D Yu, Z He, J Liu, FX Xiao, Y Zhang, R Wang, D Bhattacharyya, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
Atomically dispersed cobalt trifunctional electrocatalysts with tailored coordination environment for flexible rechargeable Zn–air battery and self‐driven water splitting
Z Zhang, X Zhao, S Xi, L Zhang, Z Chen, Z Zeng, M Huang, H Yang, B Liu, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (48), 2002896, 2020
Bridging the gap: electron relay and plasmonic sensitization of metal nanocrystals for metal clusters
FX Xiao, Z Zeng, B Liu
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (33), 10735-10744, 2015
Unraveling oxygen evolution reaction on carbon-based electrocatalysts: effect of oxygen doping on adsorption of oxygenated intermediates
L Li, H Yang, J Miao, L Zhang, HY Wang, Z Zeng, W Huang, X Dong, B Liu
ACS Energy Letters 2 (2), 294-300, 2017
Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) and its derivatives for multifarious photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis
Z Zeng, S Chen, TTY Tan, FX Xiao
Catalysis Today 315, 171-183, 2018
Three‐dimensional carbon nanotube sponge‐array architectures with high energy dissipation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Y Zhu, H Li, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, A Cao, Z Tang
Advanced Materials 26 (8), 1248-1253, 2014
Ultrasmall-superbright neodymium-upconversion nanoparticles via energy migration manipulation and lattice modification: 808 nm-activated drug release
Y Zhang, Z Yu, J Li, Y Ao, J Xue, Z Zeng, X Yang, TTY Tan
ACS nano 11 (3), 2846-2857, 2017
Orbital coupling of hetero-diatomic nickel-iron site for bifunctional electrocatalysis of CO2 reduction and oxygen evolution
Z Zeng, LY Gan, H Bin Yang, X Su, J Gao, W Liu, H Matsumoto, J Gong, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-11, 2021
Unraveling the cooperative synergy of zero-dimensional graphene quantum dots and metal nanocrystals enabled by layer-by-layer assembly
Z Zeng, FX Xiao, H Phan, S Chen, Z Yu, R Wang, TQ Nguyen, TTY Tan
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (4), 1700-1713, 2018
Insight into the charge transport correlation in Au x clusters and graphene quantum dots deposited on TiO 2 nanotubes for photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution
Z Zeng, YB Li, S Chen, P Chen, FX Xiao
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (24), 11154-11162, 2018
van der Waals heterojunction between a bottom-up grown doped graphene quantum dot and graphene for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Y Yan, D Zhai, Y Liu, J Gong, J Chen, P Zan, Z Zeng, S Li, W Huang, ...
ACS nano 14 (1), 1185-1195, 2020
Bifunctional N-CoSe2/3D-MXene as Highly Efficient and Durable Cathode for Rechargeable Zn–Air Battery
Z Zeng, G Fu, HB Yang, Y Yan, J Chen, Z Yu, J Gao, LY Gan, B Liu, ...
ACS Materials Letters 1 (4), 432-439, 2019
Biocompatible, free-standing film composed of bacterial cellulose nanofibers–graphene composite
L Jin, Z Zeng, S Kuddannaya, D Wu, Y Zhang, Z Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (1), 1011-1018, 2016
Generating New Cross‐Relaxation Pathways by Coating Prussian Blue on NaNdF4 To Fabricate Enhanced Photothermal Agents
Z Yu, W Hu, H Zhao, X Miao, Y Guan, W Cai, Z Zeng, Q Fan, TTY Tan
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (25), 8536-8540, 2019
Light-induced in situ transformation of metal clusters to metal nanocrystals for photocatalysis
FX Xiao, Z Zeng, SH Hsu, SF Hung, HM Chen, B Liu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (51), 28105-28109, 2015
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