Olivia Pulci
Olivia Pulci
Associate Professor, Physics Dept. University of Rome Tor Vergata
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Massive Dirac quasiparticles in the optical absorbance of graphene, silicene, germanene, and tinene
L Matthes, O Pulci, F Bechstedt
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F Bechstedt, L Matthes, P Gori, O Pulci
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Ab initio calculation of optical spectra of liquids: many-body effects in the electronic excitations of water
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Role of cellulose oxidation in the yellowing of ancient paper
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First-principles study of acetylene adsorption on Si (100): The end-bridge structure
PL Silvestrelli, O Pulci, M Palummo, R Del Sole, F Ancilotto
Physical Review B 68 (23), 235306, 2003
P-rich GaP (001)(2× 1)/(2× 2) surface: A hydrogen-adsorbate structure determined from first-principles calculations
PH Hahn, WG Schmidt, F Bechstedt, O Pulci, R Del Sole
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Coherent excitation-selective spectroscopy of multipole resonances
X Fang, ML Tseng, DP Tsai, NI Zheludev
Physical Review Applied 5 (1), 014010, 2016
Influence of out-of-plane response on optical properties of two-dimensional materials: First principles approach
L Matthes, O Pulci, F Bechstedt
Physical Review B 94 (20), 205408, 2016
Tunable electronic properties of two-dimensional nitrides for light harvesting heterostructures
MS Prete, A Mosca Conte, P Gori, F Bechstedt, O Pulci
Applied Physics Letters 110 (1), 012103, 2017
Silicon and germanium nanostructures for photovoltaic applications: ab-initio results
S Ossicini, M Amato, R Guerra, M Palummo, O Pulci
Nanoscale research letters 5 (10), 1637-1649, 2010
State mixing for quasiparticles at surfaces: Nonperturbative GW approximation
O Pulci, F Bechstedt, G Onida, R Del Sole, L Reining
Physical Review B 60 (24), 16758, 1999
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