Ghassan Chebbo
Ghassan Chebbo
Research director (ENPC) and Professor (ULFG)
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Distribution of pollutant mass vs volume in stormwater discharges and the first flush phenomenon
JL Bertrand-Krajewski, G Chebbo, A Saget
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Characterisation of urban runoff pollution in Paris
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Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 5267-5281, 2014
Partition of pollution between dissolved and particulate phases: what about emerging substances in urban stormwater catchments?
S Zgheib, R Moilleron, M Saad, G Chebbo
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Removal of emerging micropollutants from wastewater by activated carbon adsorption: Experimental study of different activated carbons and factors influencing the adsorption of …
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Removal of a wide range of emerging pollutants from wastewater treatment plant discharges by micro-grain activated carbon in fluidized bed as tertiary treatment at large pilot …
R Mailler, J Gasperi, Y Coquet, A Buleté, E Vulliet, S Deshayes, S Zedek, ...
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Mesures en hydrologie urbaine et assainissement
JL Bertrand-Krajewski, D Laplace, C Joannis, G Chebbo
Tec & Doc, 2008
Hydrocarbons and heavy metals in the different sewer deposits in the ‘Le Marais’ catchment (Paris, France): stocks, distributions and origins
V Rocher, S Azimi, R Moilleron, G Chebbo
Science of the Total Environment 323 (1-3), 107-122, 2004
Impact of runoff infiltration on contaminant accumulation and transport in the soil/filter media of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: A literature review
D Tedoldi, G Chebbo, D Pierlot, Y Kovacs, MC Gromaire
Science of the Total Environment 569, 904-926, 2016
Relationship between turbidity and total suspended solids concentration within a combined sewer system
A Hannouche, G Chebbo, G Ruban, B Tassin, BJ Lemaire, C Joannis
Water Science and Technology 64 (12), 2445-2452, 2011
Solides des rejets pluviaux urbains: caractérisation et traitabilité
G Chebbo
Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, 1992
Spatial variability of the characteristics of combined wet weather pollutant loads in Paris
M Kafi, J Gasperi, R Moilleron, MC Gromaire, G Chebbo
Water Research 42 (3), 539-549, 2008
Production and transport of urban wet weather pollution in combined sewer systems: the “Marais” experimental urban catchment in Paris
G Chebbo, MC Gromaire, M Ahyerre, S Garnaud
Urban water 3 (1-2), 3-15, 2001
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