Steven R. Wilson
Steven R. Wilson
Department of Communication, University of South Florida
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Seeking and resisting compliance: Why people say what they do when trying to influence others
SR Wilson
Sage Publications, 2002
Identity Implications of Influence Goals A Revised Analysis of Face‐Threatening Acts and Application to Seeking Compliance With Same‐Sex Friends
SR Wilson, CG Aleman, GB Leatham
Human Communication Research 25 (1), 64-96, 1998
Interaction goals in negotiation
SR Wilson, LL Putnam
Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1990
Explicating Communication Competence as a Theoreteical Term
SR Wilson, CM Sabee
Handbook of communication and social interaction skills, 3, 2003
A cross‐cultural comparison of implicit theories of requesting
MS Kim, SR Wilson
Communications Monographs 61 (3), 210-235, 1994
Culture in the context of intercultural negotiation: Individualism-collectivism and paths to integrative agreements
DA Cai, SR Wilson, LE Drake
Human Communication Research 26 (4), 591-617, 2000
Comparing physically abusive, neglectful, and non-maltreating parents during interactions with their children: A meta-analysis of observational studies
SR Wilson, JJ Rack, X Shi, AM Norris
Child Abuse & Neglect 32 (9), 897-911, 2008
Item desirability effects in compliance-gaining research: Seven studies documenting artifacts in the strategy selection procedure
BR Burleson, SR Wilson, MS Waltman, EM Goering, TK Ely, BB Whaley
Human Communication Research 14 (4), 429-486, 1988
Development and test of a cognitive rules model of interaction goals
SR Wilson
Communications Monographs 57 (2), 81-103, 1990
Parent goals and verbal sideline behavior in organized youth sport.
TE Dorsch, AL Smith, SR Wilson, MH McDonough
Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology 4 (1), 19, 2015
Politeness judgments in personal relationships
JP Dillard, SR Wilson, KJ Tusing, TA Kinney
Journal of Language and Social Psychology 16 (3), 297-325, 1997
Assessing the Putnam-Wilson organizational communication conflict instrument (OCCI)
SR Wilson, MS Waltman
Management communication quarterly 1 (3), 367-388, 1988
Face and facework in negotiation
SR Wilson
Communication and negotiation 20, 176-205, 1992
Argumentation and bargaining strategies as discriminators of integrative outcomes
LL Putnam, SR Wilson
Managing conflict: An interdisciplinary approach, 121-141, 1989
Identity implications of influence goals: Similarities in perceived face threats and facework across sex and close relationships
SR Wilson, AW Kunkel
Journal of Language and Social Psychology 19 (2), 195-221, 2000
Evaluating Brown and Levinson's politeness theory: A revised analysis of directives and face
SR Wilson, MS Kim, H Meischke
Research on Language & Social Interaction 25 (1-4), 215-252, 1991
An attributional analysis of compliance‐gaining interactions
SR Wilson, MG Cruz, LJ Marshall, N Rao
Communications Monographs 60 (4), 352-372, 1993
Students’ primary goals, attributions, and facework during conversations about disappointing grades
CM Sabee, SR Wilson
Communication Education 54 (3), 185-204, 2005
Identity implications of influence goals: Initiating, intensifying, and ending romantic relationships
AD Kunkel, SR Wilson, J Olufowote, S Robson
Western Journal of Communication (includes Communication Reports) 67 (4 …, 2003
The evolution of policy arguments in teachers' negotiations
LL Putnam, SR Wilson, DB Turner
Argumentation 4, 129-152, 1990
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