Kai Zhou
Kai Zhou
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Medium effects on charmonium production at ultrarelativistic energies available at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
K Zhou, N Xu, Z Xu, P Zhuang
Phys. Rev. C 89 (2014), no.5, 054911, 2014
An equation-of-state-meter of quantum chromodynamics transition from deep learning
LG Pang, K Zhou, N Su, H Petersen, H Stöcker, XN Wang
Nature communications 9 (2018), no.1, 210, 2018
Heavy ions at the Future Circular Collider
A Dainese, UA Wiedemann, N Armesto, D d'Enterria, JM Jowett, ...
CERN-TH-2016-107, 2016
Regressive and generative neural networks for scalar field theory
K Zhou, G Endrődi, LG Pang
Phys. Rev. D 100 (2019), 011501(R), 2018
Thermalization of gluons with Bose-Einstein condensation
Zhe Xu, Kai Zhou, Pengfei Zhuang, Carsten Greiner
Phys. Rev. Lett 114 (2015), no.18, 182301, 2015
ψ^\prime Production and B Decay in Heavy Ion Collisions at LHC
Baoyi Chen, Yunpeng Liu, Kai Zhou, Pengfei Zhuang
Phys. Lett. B 726 (4-5), 725–728, 2013
Thermal Charm and Charmonium Production in Quark Gluon Plasma
Kai Zhou, Zhengyu Chen, Carsten Greiner, Pengfei Zhuang
Phys. Lett. B 758 (2016), 434-439, 2016
Glueballs amass at RHIC and LHC Colliders! - The early quarkless 1st order phase transition at MeV - from pure Yang-Mills glue plasma to GlueBall …
Horst Stoecker, Kai Zhou, et al.
J.Phys. G 2016 (43), 015105, 2015
A machine learning study to identify spinodal clumping in high energy nuclear collisions
J Steinheimer, LG Pang, K Zhou, V Koch, J Randrup, H Stoecker
JHEP 1912 (2019), 122, 2019
Identifying the nature of the QCD transition in relativistic collision of heavy nuclei with deep learning
YL Du, K Zhou, J Steinheimer, LG Pang, A Motornenko, HS Zong, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.11530, 2019
Υ Production in Heavy Ion Collisions at LHC
K Zhou, N Xu, P Zhuang
Nuclear Physics A 931, 654–658, 2014
Heavy flavors under extreme conditions in high energy nuclear collisions
J Zhao, K Zhou, S Chen, P Zhuang
Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 114 (2020) 103801, 2020
Quarkonium Production and Medium Effects in High Energy Nuclear Collisions
Kai Zhou, Nu Xu, Pengfei Zhuang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.7520, 2013
Nonequilibrium photon production in partonic transport simulations
M Greif, F Senzel, H Kremer, K Zhou, C Greiner, Z Xu
Phys. Rev. C 95 (2017), no.5, 054903, 2016
Transverse Momentum Distribution as a Probe of J/psi Production Mechanism in Heavy Ion Collisions
Kai Zhou, Nu Xu, Pengfei Zhuang
Nuclear Physics A 834 (1-4), 249c–252c, 2010
Mean Field Effect on J/ψProduction in Heavy Ion Collisions
Baoyi Chen, Kai Zhou, Pengfei Zhuang
Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012), 034906, 2012
Nature Commun. 9, 210 (2018)
LG Pang, K Zhou, N Su, H Petersen, H Stöcker, XN Wang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.04262, 0
Kinetic description of Bose-Einstein condensation with test particle simulations
K Zhou, Z Xu, P Zhuang, C Greiner
Phys. Rev. D 96 (2017), 014020, 2017
Undersaturation of quarks at early stages of relativistic nuclear collisions: the hot glue initial scenario and its observable signatures
H. Stoecker, M. Beitel, T.S. Biró, L.P. Csernai, K. Gallmeister, M.I ...
Astron.Nachr. 336 (2015) 744 336, 744, 2015
Charmonium Transverse Momentum Distribution in High Energy Nuclear Collisions
Zebo Tang, Nu Xu, Kai Zhou, Pengfei Zhuang
Journal of Physics G 41 (2014), no.12, 124006, 2014
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