Máté Lengyel
Máté Lengyel
Professor of Computational Neuroscience, University of Cambridge; Senior Research Fellow, CEU
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Statistically optimal perception and learning: from behavior to neural representations
J Fiser, P Berkes, G Orbán, M Lengyel
Trends in cognitive sciences 14 (3), 119-130, 2010
Spontaneous cortical activity reveals hallmarks of an optimal internal model of the environment
P Berkes, G Orbán, M Lengyel, J Fiser
Science 331 (6013), 83-87, 2011
Bayesian active learning for classification and preference learning
N Houlsby, F Huszár, Z Ghahramani, M Lengyel
arXiv preprint arXiv:1112.5745, 2011
Bayesian learning of visual chunks by human observers
G Orbán, J Fiser, RN Aslin, M Lengyel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (7), 2745-2750, 2008
Hippocampal contributions to control: the third way
M Lengyel, P Dayan
Advances in neural information processing systems 20, 2007
With or without you: predictive coding and Bayesian inference in the brain
L Aitchison, M Lengyel
Current opinion in neurobiology 46, 219-227, 2017
Neural variability and sampling-based probabilistic representations in the visual cortex
G Orbán, P Berkes, J Fiser, M Lengyel
Neuron 92 (2), 530-543, 2016
Statistical treatment of looking-time data.
G Csibra, M Hernik, O Mascaro, D Tatone, M Lengyel
Developmental psychology 52 (4), 521, 2016
Dynamically detuned oscillations account for the coupled rate and temporal code of place cell firing
M Lengyel, Z Szatmáry, P Érdi
Hippocampus 13 (6), 700-714, 2003
Matching storage and recall: hippocampal spike timing–dependent plasticity and phase response curves
M Lengyel, J Kwag, O Paulsen, P Dayan
Nature neuroscience 8 (12), 1677-1683, 2005
The dynamical regime of sensory cortex: stable dynamics around a single stimulus-tuned attractor account for patterns of noise variability
G Hennequin, Y Ahmadian, DB Rubin, M Lengyel, KD Miller
Neuron 98 (4), 846-860. e5, 2018
Contextual inference underlies the learning of sensorimotor repertoires
JB Heald, M Lengyel, DM Wolpert
Nature 600 (7889), 489-493, 2021
Cortical-like dynamics in recurrent circuits optimized for sampling-based probabilistic inference
R Echeveste, L Aitchison, G Hennequin, M Lengyel
Nature Neuroscience 23, 1138–1149, 2020
Theoretical perspectives on active sensing
SCH Yang, DM Wolpert, M Lengyel
Current opinion in behavioral sciences 11, 100-108, 2016
Active sensing in the categorization of visual patterns
SCH Yang, M Lengyel, DM Wolpert
Elife 5, e12215, 2016
Global and multiplexed dendritic computations under in vivo-like conditions
BB Ujfalussy, JK Makara, M Lengyel, T Branco
Neuron 100 (3), 579-592. e5, 2018
Synapses with short-term plasticity are optimal estimators of presynaptic membrane potentials
JP Pfister, P Dayan, M Lengyel
Nature neuroscience 13 (10), 1271-1275, 2010
The Hamiltonian brain: Efficient probabilistic inference with excitatory-inhibitory neural circuit dynamics
L Aitchison, M Lengyel
PLoS computational biology 12 (12), e1005186, 2016
Democracy-independence trade-off in oscillating dendrites and its implications for grid cells
MWH Remme, M Lengyel, BS Gutkin
Neuron 66 (3), 429-437, 2010
Planning in the brain
MG Mattar, M Lengyel
Neuron 110 (6), 914-934, 2022
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