Suresh Bishnoi
Suresh Bishnoi
Research Scholar, IIT Delhi
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Predicting Young's modulus of oxide glasses with sparse datasets using machine learning
S Bishnoi, S Singh, R Ravinder, M Bauchy, NN Gosvami, H Kodamana, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 524, 119643, 2019
Deep learning aided rational design of oxide glasses
R Ravinder, KH Sridhara, S Bishnoi, HS Grover, M Bauchy, H Kodamana, ...
Materials horizons 7 (7), 1819-1827, 2020
Scalable Gaussian processes for predicting the optical, physical, thermal, and mechanical properties of inorganic glasses with large datasets
S Bishnoi, R Ravinder, HS Grover, H Kodamana, NMA Krishnan
Materials advances 2 (1), 477-487, 2021
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in glass science and technology: 21 challenges for the 21st century
Ravinder, V Venugopal, S Bishnoi, S Singh, M Zaki, HS Grover, M Bauchy, ...
International journal of applied glass science 12 (3), 277-292, 2021
Understanding the compositional control on electrical, mechanical, optical, and physical properties of inorganic glasses with interpretable machine learning
R Bhattoo, S Bishnoi, M Zaki, NMA Krishnan
Acta materialia 242, 118439, 2023
An adaptive, interacting, cluster-based model for predicting the transmission dynamics of COVID-19
R Ravinder, S Singh, S Bishnoi, A Jan, A Sharma, H Kodamana, ...
Heliyon 6 (12), 2020
Interpreting the optical properties of oxide glasses with machine learning and Shapely additive explanations
M Zaki, V Venugopal, R Bhattoo, S Bishnoi, SK Singh, AR Allu, Jayadeva, ...
Journal of the american ceramic society 105 (6), 4046-4057, 2022
Enhancing the inductive biases of graph neural ode for modeling physical systems
S Bishnoi, R Bhattoo, J Jayadeva, S Ranu, NMA Krishnan
The Eleventh International Conference on Learning Representations, 2022
Unravelling the performance of physics-informed graph neural networks for dynamical systems
A Thangamuthu, G Kumar, S Bishnoi, R Bhattoo, NM Krishnan, S Ranu
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 35, 3691-3702, 2022
Glass hardness: Predicting composition and load effects via symbolic reasoning-informed machine learning
S Mannan, M Zaki, S Bishnoi, DR Cassar, J Jiusti, JCF Faria, ...
Acta Materialia 255, 119046, 2023
Predicting oxide glass properties with low complexity neural network and physical and chemical descriptors
S Bishnoi, S Badge, NMA Krishnan
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 616, 122488, 2023
BroGNet: Momentum-Conserving Graph Neural Stochastic Differential Equation for Learning Brownian Dynamics
S Bishnoi, J Jayadeva, S Ranu, NMA Krishnan
The Twelfth International Conference on Learning Representations, 2023
Discovering Symbolic Laws Directly from Trajectories with Hamiltonian Graph Neural Networks
S Bishnoi, R Bhattoo, S Ranu, NM Krishnan
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.05299, 2023
Geometric optics based analysis of radiation heat transfer in glass melting furnace foams..... 337
VV Ravinder, S Bishnoi, S Singh, M Zaki, HS Grover, M Bauchy, ...
Artificial intelligence 12 (3), 2021
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