Bezzateev Sergey
Bezzateev Sergey
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Department of Information Security
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Method and system for performing distributed verification with respect to measurement data in sensor network
EA Kim, JH Yi, A Fomin, A Afanasyeva, S Bezzateev
US Patent 8,255,689, 2012
Multi-factor authentication: A survey
A Ometov, S Bezzateev, N Mäkitalo, S Andreev, T Mikkonen, ...
Cryptography 2 (1), 1, 2018
Facilitating the delegation of use for private devices in the era of the internet of wearable things
A Ometov, SV Bezzateev, J Kannisto, J Harju, S Andreev, Y Koucheryavy
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 4 (4), 843-854, 2016
Securing network-assisted direct communication: The case of unreliable cellular connectivity
A Ometov, K Zhidanov, S Bezzateev, R Florea, S Andreev, Y Koucheryavy
2015 IEEE Trustcom/BigDataSE/ISPA 1, 826-833, 2015
Challenges of multi-factor authentication for securing advanced IoT applications
A Ometov, V Petrov, S Bezzateev, S Andreev, Y Koucheryavy, M Gerla
IEEE Network 33 (2), 82-88, 2019
Class of generalized Goppa codes perfect in weighted Hamming metric
S Bezzateev, N Shekhunova
Designs, codes and cryptography 66 (1-3), 391-399, 2013
Method and node for generating distributed Rivest Shamir Adleman signature in ad-hoc network
JH Yi, E Kim, A Afanaseva, A Fomin, S Bezzateev
US Patent 8,645,698, 2014
Decoding cyclic codes up to a new bound on the minimum distance
A Zeh, A Wachter-Zeh, SV Bezzateev
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 58 (6), 3951-3960, 2012
Weighted secret sharing and reconstructing method
KH Lee, T Jung, E Krouk, S Bezzateev, E Linsky
US Patent 7,551,740, 2009
McEliece in the world of Escher.
D Gligoroski, S Samardjiska, H Jacobsen, S Bezzateev
IACR Cryptol. ePrint Arch. 2014, 360, 2014
Joint safety and security analysis for complex systems
S Bezzateev, N Voloshina, P Sankin
2013 13th Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT), 3-13, 2013
Key handshaking method and system for wireless local area networks
M Wong, S Bezzateev
US Patent 8,000,478, 2011
Steganographic method on weighted container
S Bezzateev, N Voloshina, K Zhidanov
2012 XIII International Symposium on Problems of Redundancy in Information …, 2012
A unified view on known algebraic decoding algorithms and new decoding concepts
M Bossert, S Bezzateev
IEEE transactions on information theory 59 (11), 7320-7336, 2013
Method of protecting broadcast frame, terminal authenticating broadcast frame, and access point broadcasting broadcast frame
EA Kim, JH Yi, T Jung, A Fomin, E Linsky, M Stepanov, S Bezzateev
US Patent 8,270,607, 2012
Data encryption and decryption method using a public key
KH Lee, T Jung, E Krouk, S Bezzateev, A Fomin
US Patent App. 10/960,630, 2005
A new bound on the minimum distance of cyclic codes using small-minimum-distance cyclic codes
A Zeh, S Bezzateev
Designs, codes and cryptography 71 (2), 229-246, 2014
Decoding of interleaved RS codes with the Euclidean algorithm
M Bossert, S Bezzateev
2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 1803-1807, 2008
Subclass of cyclic Goppa codes
SV Bezzateev, NA Shekhunova
IEEE transactions on information theory 59 (11), 7379-7385, 2013
Methodology of using distributed systems in advanced-level language learning
A Ovodenko, S Bezzateev, O Mukhina, E Andreeva, A Ivanova, O Vlasova, ...
2013 International Conference on Advanced ICT and Education (ICAICTE-13), 2013
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