Dr. Koushik Majumdar
Dr. Koushik Majumdar
Centre for BCRU, Department of Botany, Tripura University
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Ethnobotanical uses of some plants by Tripuri and Reang tribes of Tripura
HB Das, K Majumdar, BK Datta, D Ray
CSIR, 2009
Wild edible plants and their utilization in traditional recipes of Tripura, Northeast India
D Deb, A Sarkar, B Debbarma, BK Datta, K Majumdar
Advances in Biological research 7 (5), 203-211, 2013
Medicinal plants prescribed by different tribal and non-tribal medicine men of Tripura state
K Majumdar, R Saha, BK Datta, T Bhakta
CSIR, 2006
A study on ethnomedicinal usage of plants among the folklore herbalists and Tripuri medical practitioners: Part-II
K Majumdar, BK Datta
CSIR, 2007
Tree species diversity and stand structure along major community types in lowland primary and secondary moist deciduous forests in Tripura, Northeast India
K Majumdar, U Shankar, BK Datta
Journal of Forestry Research 23 (4), 553-568, 2012
Inventory and characterization of new populations through ecological niche modelling improve threat assessment
D Adhikari, Z Reshi, BK Datta, SS Samant, A Chettri, K Upadhaya, ...
Current Science, 519-531, 2018
Aboveground woody biomass, carbon stocks potential in selected tropical forest patches of Tripura, Northeast India
K Majumdar, BK Choudhary, BK Datta
Open Journal of Ecology 6 (10), 598-612, 2016
Traditional dye yielding plants of Tripura, Northeast India
B Sutradhar, D Deb, K Majumdar, BK Datta
Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity 16 (2), 2015
Do Extensive Rubber Plantation Influences Local Environment? A Case Study From Tripura, Northeast India.
A Majumder, S Datta, BK Choudhary, K Majumdar
Current World Environment 9 (3), 768, 2014
Effects of land use on the soil organic carbon storage potentiality and soil edaphic factors in Tripura, Northeast India
BK Choudhary, K Majumdar, BK Datta
American Journal of Climate Change 5 (3), 417-429, 2016
Documentation of herpetofaunal species richness in Tripura, northeast India
J Majumder, PP Bhattacharjee, K Majumdar, C Debnath, BK Agarwala
NeBio 3 (1), 60-70, 2012
Effects of anthropogenic disturbances on vegetation diversity and structure: a case study in the remnant forests surrounding the village ecosystems of Tripura, Northeast India
K Majumdar, BK Datta
Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment 13 (4), 332-340, 2015
Vegetation types, dominant compositions, woody plant diversity and stand structure in Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Northeast India
K Majumdar, BK Datta
Journal of Environmental Biology 36, 409-418, 2015
Distribution record of Ensete glaucum (Roxb.) Cheesm. (Musaceae) in Tripura, Northeast India: a rare wild primitive banana
K Majumdar, A Sarkar, D Deb, J Majumder, BK Datta
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology 2 (2), 164–167, 2013
Trends in tree diversity and stand structure during restoration: a case study in fragmented moist deciduous forest ecosystems of Northeast India
K Majumdar, BK Datta, U Shankar
Journal of Ecosystems 2014 (2014), 2014
Traditional wild edible fruits for the forest dwellers of Tripura, India
K Majumdar, BK Datta
Pleione 3 (2), 167 - 178, 2009
Establishing continuity in distribution of Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) HJ Lam in Indian subcontinent
K Majumdar, BK Datta, U Shankar
Journal of Research in Biology 2 (7), 660-666, 2012
New distribution record of five species of Xylaria from Tripura, Northeast India
S Debnath, K Majumdar, P Das, AK Saha
Res Rev J Life Sci 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
Community Structure, Biodiversity Value and Management Practices of Traditional Agroforestry Systems in Tripura, North East India. J Biodivers Manage Forestry 3: 3
S Deb, D Deb, A Sarkar, K Majumdar
of 6, 2, 2014
Effects of patch size, disturbances on diversity and structural traits of tropical semi-evergreen forest in the lowland Indo Burma hotspot: implication on conservation of the …
K Majumdar, BK Datta
Journal of Mountain Science 13, 1397-1410, 2016
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