Bram Adams
Bram Adams
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A large-scale empirical study of just-in-time quality assurance
Y Kamei, E Shihab, B Adams, AE Hassan, A Mockus, A Sinha, ...
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 39 (6), 757-773, 2012
The impact of code review coverage and code review participation on software quality: A case study of the qt, vtk, and itk projects
S McIntosh, Y Kamei, B Adams, AE Hassan
Proceedings of the 11th working conference on mining software repositories …, 2014
An empirical study of the impact of modern code review practices on software quality
S McIntosh, Y Kamei, B Adams, AE Hassan
Empirical Software Engineering 21, 2146-2189, 2016
Revisiting common bug prediction findings using effort-aware models
Y Kamei, S Matsumoto, A Monden, K Matsumoto, B Adams, AE Hassan
2010 IEEE international conference on software maintenance, 1-10, 2010
Do developers feel emotions? an exploratory analysis of emotions in software artifacts
A Murgia, P Tourani, B Adams, M Ortu
Proceedings of the 11th working conference on mining software repositories …, 2014
Security versus performance bugs: a case study on firefox
S Zaman, B Adams, AE Hassan
Proceedings of the 8th working conference on mining software repositories …, 2011
Are bullies more productive? Empirical study of affectiveness vs. issue fixing time
M Ortu, B Adams, G Destefanis, P Tourani, M Marchesi, R Tonelli
2015 IEEE/ACM 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories, 303-313, 2015
Assisting developers of big data analytics applications when deploying on hadoop clouds
W Shang, ZM Jiang, H Hemmati, B Adams, AE Hassan, P Martin
2013 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 402-411, 2013
Do faster releases improve software quality? an empirical case study of mozilla firefox
F Khomh, T Dhaliwal, Y Zou, B Adams
2012 9th IEEE working conference on mining software repositories (MSR), 179-188, 2012
What do programmers know about software energy consumption?
C Pang, A Hindle, B Adams, AE Hassan
IEEE Software 33 (3), 83-89, 2015
A large-scale empirical study on software reuse in mobile apps
IJ Mojica, B Adams, M Nagappan, S Dienst, T Berger, AE Hassan
IEEE software 31 (2), 78-86, 2013
Will my patch make it? and how fast? case study on the linux kernel
Y Jiang, B Adams, DM German
2013 10th Working conference on mining software repositories (MSR), 101-110, 2013
A qualitative study on performance bugs
S Zaman, B Adams, AE Hassan
2012 9th IEEE working conference on mining software repositories (MSR), 199-208, 2012
An empirical study on inconsistent changes to code clones at the release level
N Bettenburg, W Shang, WM Ibrahim, B Adams, Y Zou, AE Hassan
Science of Computer Programming 77 (6), 760-776, 2012
Energy profiles of java collections classes
S Hasan, Z King, M Hafiz, M Sayagh, B Adams, A Hindle
Proceedings of the 38th International Conference on Software Engineering …, 2016
Understanding reuse in the android market
IJM Ruiz, M Nagappan, B Adams, AE Hassan
2012 20th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), 113-122, 2012
An empirical study of build maintenance effort
S McIntosh, B Adams, THD Nguyen, Y Kamei, AE Hassan
Proceedings of the 33rd international conference on software engineering …, 2011
An industrial study on the risk of software changes
E Shihab, AE Hassan, B Adams, ZM Jiang
Proceedings of the ACM SIGSOFT 20th International Symposium on the …, 2012
Studying re-opened bugs in open source software
E Shihab, A Ihara, Y Kamei, WM Ibrahim, M Ohira, B Adams, AE Hassan, ...
Empirical Software Engineering 18, 1005-1042, 2013
Modern release engineering in a nutshell--why researchers should care
B Adams, S McIntosh
2016 IEEE 23rd international conference on software analysis, evolution, and …, 2016
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