Saptarshi Mukherjee
Saptarshi Mukherjee
Applied Electromagnetics Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National
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Far field microwave NDE of composite structures using time reversal mirror
S Mukherjee, A Tamburrino, M Haq, S Udpa, L Udpa
NDT & E International 93, 7-17, 2018
Target Localization Using Microwave Time-Reversal Mirror in Reflection Mode
S Mukherjee, L Udpa, S Udpa, EJ Rothwell
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 65 (2), 820-828, 2017
Linear phase low pass FIR filter design using improved particle swarm optimization
S Mukherjee, R Kar, D Mandal, S Mondal, SP Ghoshal
2011 IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development, 358-363, 2011
A Time Reversal-Based Microwave Imaging System for Detection of Breast Tumors
S Mukherjee, L Udpa, S Udpa, E Rothwell, D Yiming
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 2019
Design of a split-ring resonator sensor for near-field microwave imaging
S Mukherjee, X Shi, L Udpa, S Udpa, Y Deng, P Chahal
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (17), 7066-7076, 2018
Enhancement of microwave imaging using a metamaterial lens
S Mukherjee, Z Su, L Udpa, S Udpa, A Tamburrino
IEEE Sensors Journal 19 (13), 4962-4971, 2019
NDE of composite structures using microwave time reversal imaging
S Mukherjee, A Tamburrino, L Udpa, S Udpa
AIP Conference Proceedings 1706 (1), 100002, 2016
Microwave Time-Reversal Mirror for Imaging and Hyperthermia Treatment of Breast Tumors
S Mukherjee, L Udpa, S Udpa, E Rothwell, Y Deng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M 77, 1-16, 2018
Design of a microwave time reversal mirror for imaging applications
S Mukherjee, L Udpa, Y Deng, P Chahal, EJ Rothwell
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 77, 155-165, 2017
FDTD modeling of Lorentzian DNG metamaterials by auxiliary differential equation method
C Goswami, S Mukherjee, S Karmakar, M Pal, R Ghatak
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications 6 (05), 106, 2014
Multi-modality strain estimation using a rapid near-field microwave imaging system for dielectric materials
X Shi, VT Rathod, S Mukherjee, L Udpa, Y Deng
Measurement 151, 107243, 2020
Model-Based Study of a Metamaterial Lens for Nondestructive Evaluation of Composites
S Datta, X Shi, S Mukherjee, Y Deng, L Udpa
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of …, 2020
An in-situ millimeter-wave diagnostic for droplet characterization during jetting-based additive manufacturing processes
T Chang, O Mays, S Mukherjee, N Watkins, A Pascall, J Jeffries, J Tringe
Nondestructive Characterization and Monitoring of Advanced Materials …, 2020
Negative index metamaterial lens for subwavelength microwave detection
S Datta, S Mukherjee, X Shi, M Haq, Y Deng, L Udpa, E Rothwell
Sensors 21 (14), 4782, 2021
In-situ monitoring for liquid metal jetting using a millimeter-wave impedance diagnostic
T Chang, S Mukherjee, NN Watkins, DM Stobbe, O Mays, EV Baluyot, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
Electromagnetic wave propagation modeling in Lorentzian DNG metamaterial by auxiliary differential equation based ADI-FDTD
S Mukherjee, S Karmakar, C Goswami, M Pal, R Ghatak
2012 1st International Conference on Emerging Technology Trends in …, 2012
A Prony-based curve-fitting method for characterization of RF pulses from optoelectronic devices
S Mukherjee, KM Dowling, Y Dong, K Li, A Conway, S Rakheja, L Voss
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2021
Millimeter-wave electromagnetic monitoring for liquid metal droplet-on-demand printing
T Chang, S Mukherjee, NN Watkins, E Benavidez, AM Gilmore, AJ Pascall, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 130 (14), 144502, 2021
Enhancement of microwave time reversal imaging using metallic reflectors
S Mukherjee, X Shi, S Datta, Y Deng, S Udpa, L Udpa
NDT & E International 110, 102192, 2020
A Microwave Tomography System Using Time-Reversal Imaging
J Doroshewitz, J Merlo, C Oakley, L Udpa, JA Nanzer, D MacFarlane, ...
2019 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI …, 2019
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