Arti Vashist
Arti Vashist
Department of Immunology (Prof. Madhavan Nair's Laboratory), Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
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Recent advances in hydrogel based drug delivery systems for the human body
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Nano-biosensors to detect beta-amyloid for Alzheimer's disease management
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Current status of non-viral gene therapy for CNS disorders
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Hydrogels: smart materials for drug delivery
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Compatibility and biodegradability studies of linseed oil epoxy and PVC blends
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Polyol induced interpenetrating networks: chitosan–methylmethacrylate based biocompatible and pH responsive hydrogels for drug delivery system
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Recent trends on hydrogel based drug delivery systems for infectious diseases
A Vashist, A Kaushik, A Vashist, RD Jayant, A Tomitaka, S Ahmad, ...
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Hydrogels in tissue engineering: scope and applications
A Vashist, S Ahmad
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Biocompatible and mechanically robust nanocomposite hydrogels for potential applications in tissue engineering
R Kouser, A Vashist, M Zafaryab, MA Rizvi, S Ahmad
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Bioresponsive injectable hydrogels for on-demand drug release and tissue engineering
A Vashist, A Kaushik, K Alexis, R Dev Jayant, V Sagar, A Vashist, M Nair
Current pharmaceutical design 23 (24), 3595-3602, 2017
Electrochemical monitoring-on-chip (E-MoC) of HIV-infection in presence of cocaine and therapeutics
A Kaushik, PK Vabbina, V Atluri, P Shah, A Vashist, RD Jayant, A Yandart, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 86, 426-431, 2016
A label-free electrochemical immunosensor for beta-amyloid detection
A Kaushik, P Shah, PK Vabbina, RD Jayant, S Tiwari, A Vashist, A Yndart, ...
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Gold nanocubes embedded biocompatible hybrid hydrogels for electrochemical detection of H2O2
P Manickam, A Vashist, S Madhu, M Sadasivam, A Sakthivel, A Kaushik, ...
Bioelectrochemistry 131, 107373, 2020
Nanogels for biomedical applications
A Vashist, AK Kaushik, S Ahmad, M Nair
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
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