Khalid Z Rajab
Khalid Z Rajab
Assistant Professor, Queen Mary University of London
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Broadband Dielectric Characterization of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)
KZ Rajab, M Naftaly, EH Linfield, JC Nino, D Arenas, D Tanner, R Mittra, ...
Journal of microelectronics and electronic packaging 5 (1), 2-7, 2008
Crystal Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Alkaline‐Earth Hafnates, AHfO3 (A=Ba, Sr, Ca)
A Feteira, DC Sinclair, KZ Rajab, MT Lanagan
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 91 (3), 893-901, 2008
All-dielectric invisibility cloaks made of BaTiO3-loaded polyurethane foam
D Bao, KZ Rajab, Y Hao, E Kallos, W Tang, C Argyropoulos, Y Piao, ...
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Integration concepts for the fabrication of LTCC structures
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Experimental observation of quantum correlations in four-wave mixing with a conical pump
L Cao, J Du, J Feng, Z Qin, AM Marino, MI Kolobov, J Jing
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Stability of active magnetoinductive metamaterials
KZ Rajab, Y Hao, D Bao, CG Parini, J Vazquez, M Philippakis
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Design of broadband non-Foster circuits based on resonant tunneling diodes
DS Nagarkoti, Y Hao, DP Steenson, L Li, EH Linfield, KZ Rajab
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Size reduction of microstrip antennas using metamaterials
KZ Rajab, R Mittra, MT Lanagan
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Microwave characterization of vertically aligned multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays
A Katsounaros, KZ Rajab, Y Hao, M Mann, WI Milne
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Size reduction of microstrip patch antennas with left-handed transmission line loading
KZ Rajab, R Mittra, MT Lanagan
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Characterization of active metamaterials based on negative impedance converters
KZ Rajab, YF Fan, Y Hao
Journal of Optics 14 (11), 114004, 2012
The filter diagonalisation method for music signal analysis: frame-wise vibrato detection and estimation
L Yang, KZ Rajab, E Chew
Journal of Mathematics and Music 11 (1), 42-60, 2017
Vibrato performance style: A case study comparing erhu and violin
L Yang, E Chew, SK Rajab
Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy characterization of vertically aligned carbon nanotube films
A Katsounaros, M Mann, M Naftaly, KZ Rajab, Y Hao, WI Milne
Carbon 50 (3), 939-942, 2012
Noise analysis of broadband active metamaterials with non-Foster loads
Y Fan, KZ Rajab, Y Hao
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (23), 233905, 2013
Electrically small half-loop antenna design with non-foster matching networks
Y Fan, KZ Rajab, M Munoz, Y Hao
2012 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), 126-129, 2012
Dielectric property measurement using a resonant nonradiative dielectric waveguide structure
KZ Rajab, KF Fuh, R Mittra, M Lanagan
IEEE microwave and wireless components letters 15 (2), 104-106, 2005
Experimental demonstration of broadband transmission through subwavelength aperture
D Bao, KZ Rajab, W Tang, Y Hao
Applied Physics Letters 97 (13), 134105, 2010
Quantitative study of two experimental demonstrations of a carpet cloak
D Bao, RC Mitchell-Thomas, KZ Rajab, Y Hao
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 12, 206-209, 2013
Ava: an interactive system for visual and quantitative analyses of vibrato and portamento performance styles
L Yang, SK Rajab, E Chew
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