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Giovanni Nisato
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Organic photovoltaics: materials, device physics, and manufacturing technologies
C Brabec, U Scherf, V Dyakonov
John Wiley & Sons, 2011
Single-substrate liquid-crystal displays by photo-enforced stratification
R Penterman, SI Klink, H De Koning, G Nisato, DJ Broer
Nature 417 (6884), 55-58, 2002
Size invariance of polyelectrolyte dendrimers
G Nisato, R Ivkov, EJ Amis
Macromolecules 33 (11), 4172-4176, 2000
Excitation of surface deformation modes of a phase-separating polymer blend on a patterned substrate
G Nisato, BD Ermi, JF Douglas, A Karim
Macromolecules 32 (7), 2356-2364, 1999
Swelling, structure, and elasticity of polyampholyte hydrogels
G Nisato, JP Munch, SJ Candau
Langmuir 15 (12), 4236-4244, 1999
Evaluating high performance diffusion barriers: the calcium test
G Nisato, PCP Bouten, PJ Slikkerveer, WD Bennett, GL Graff, ...
Proc. Int. Display Workshop/Asia Display 1435, 2001
Woven temperature and humidity sensors on flexible plastic substrates for e-textile applications
G Mattana, T Kinkeldei, D Leuenberger, C Ataman, JJ Ruan, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 13 (10), 3901-3909, 2013
P‐88: Thin Film Encapsulation for OLEDs: Evaluation of Multi‐layer Barriers using the Ca Test
G Nisato, M Kuilder, P Bouten, L Moro, O Philips, N Rutherford
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 34 (1), 550-553, 2003
Coupling between phase separation and surface deformation modes in self-organizing polymer blend films
BD Ermi, G Nisato, JF Douglas, JA Rogers, A Karim
Physical review letters 81 (18), 3900, 1998
Transient target patterns in phase separating filled polymer blends
A Karim, JF Douglas, G Nisato, DW Liu, EJ Amis
Macromolecules 32 (18), 5917-5924, 1999
Diffusing-wave-spectroscopy investigation of latex particle motion in polymer gels
G Nisato, P Hebraud, JP Munch, SJ Candau
Physical Review E 61 (3), 2879, 2000
Structure of charged dendrimer solutions as seen by small-angle neutron scattering
G Nisato, R Ivkov, EJ Amis
Macromolecules 32 (18), 5895-5900, 1999
Organic and Printed Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications
G Nisato, D Lupo, S Ganz
CRC Press, 2016
Microbend optical fiber tapped delay line for gigahertz signal processing
KP Jackson, JE Bowers, SA Newton, CC Cutler
Applied Physics Letters 41 (2), 139-141, 1982
Swelling equilibrium properties of partially charged gels: the effect of salt on the shear modulus
G Nisato, F Schosseler, SJ Candau
Polymer Gels and Networks 4 (5-6), 481-498, 1996
Elastic behaviour of salt-free polyelectrolyte gels
S JeanáCandau
Faraday Discussions 101, 133-146, 1995
Organization of Hybrid Dendrimer− Inorganic Nanoparticles on Amphiphilic Surfaces
F Gröhn, X Gu, H Grüll, JC Meredith, G Nisato, BJ Bauer, A Karim, ...
Macromolecules 35 (13), 4852-4854, 2002
Method for measuring a permeation rate, a test and an apparatus for measuring and testing
PCP Bouten, G Nisato, PJ Slikkerveer, HFJJ Van Tongeren, EI Haskal, ...
US Patent 6,993,956, 2006
Experimental comparison of high-performance water vapor permeation measurement methods
G Nisato, H Klumbies, J Fahlteich, L Müller-Meskamp, P van de Weijer, ...
Organic Electronics 15 (12), 3746-3755, 2014
Quantitative tomography of organic photovoltaic blends at the nanoscale
M Pfannmöller, H Heidari, L Nanson, OR Lozman, M Chrapa, ...
Nano letters 15 (10), 6634-6642, 2015
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