Dr. Sicong Shan
Dr. Sicong Shan
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Harvard University
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Multistable architected materials for trapping elastic strain energy
S Shan, SH Kang, JR Raney, P Wang, L Fang, F Candido, JA Lewis, ...
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Harnessing buckling to design tunable locally resonant acoustic metamaterials
P Wang, F Casadei, S Shan, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
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Compaction through buckling in 2D periodic, soft and porous structures: effect of pore shape
JTB Overvelde, S Shan, K Bertoldi
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Harnessing instabilities for design of soft reconfigurable auxetic/chiral materials
J Shim, S Shan, A Košmrlj, SH Kang, ER Chen, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
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Harnessing multiple folding mechanisms in soft periodic structures for tunable control of elastic waves
S Shan, SH Kang, P Wang, C Qu, S Shian, ER Chen, K Bertoldi
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Design of planar isotropic negative Poisson’s ratio structures
S Shan, SH Kang, Z Zhao, L Fang, K Bertoldi
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Complex ordered patterns in mechanical instability induced geometrically frustrated triangular cellular structures
SH Kang, S Shan, A Košmrlj, WL Noorduin, S Shian, JC Weaver, ...
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Harnessing buckling to design architected materials that exhibit effective negative swelling
J Liu, T Gu, S Shan, SH Kang, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
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Buckling-induced reversible symmetry breaking and amplification of chirality using supported cellular structures
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Experimental study on the mechanical properties of the horn sheaths from cattle
BW Li, HP Zhao, XQ Feng, WW Guo, SC Shan
Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (3), 479-486, 2010
Multi-patterned dynamics of mitochondrial fission and fusion in a living cell
S Wang, W Xiao, S Shan, C Jiang, M Chen, Y Zhang, S Lü, J Chen, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e19879, 2012
A multipeak phenomenon of magnetoelectric coupling in Terfenol-D/P (VDF-TrFE)/Terfenol-D laminates
F Fang, SC Shan, W Yang
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (10), 2010
Magnetoelectric coupling of Terfenol-D/P (VDF-TrFe)/Terfenol-D laminates mediated by crystallite size of electroactive polymer
F Fang, SC Shan, W Yang
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Shape Recoverable And Reusable Energy Absorbing Structures, Systems And Methods For Manufacture Thereof
SH Kang, K Bertoldi, JR Raney, JA Lewis, S Shan
US Patent App. 15/306,038, 2017
Buckling-induced planar chirality of porous elastic structure
J Shim, S Shan, SH Kang, P Wang, BR Chen, J Aizenberg, K Bertoldi
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Harnessing geometric and material nonlinearities to design tunable phononic crystals
K Bertoldi, P Wang, S Shan, S Babaee
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 135 (4_Supplement), 2254-2254, 2014
Harnessing snap-through instability for shape-recoverable energy-absorbing structure
S Kang, S Shan, J Raney, P Wang, F Candido, J Lewis, K Bertoldi
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2015, F44. 011, 2015
Buckling in 2D periodic, soft and porous structures: effect of pore shape and lattice pattern
S Shan, K Bertoldi, J Shim, JTB Overvelde, SH Kang
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2013, T28. 001, 2013
Shape recoverable and reusable energy absorbing structures, systems and methods for manufacture thereof
Sung Hoon Kang, Jordan R. RANEY, Jennifer A. Lewis, Sicong SHAN
WO Patent WO 2015164663 A1, 2015
Planar Soft Functional Periodic Structures Exploiting Instabilities and Large Deformation
S Shan
Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences., 2015
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