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Charles W Spangler
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Recent development in the design of organic materials for optical power limiting
CW Spangler
Journal of Materials Chemistry 9 (9), 2013-2020, 1999
Experimental investigations of organic molecular nonlinear optical polarizabilities. 2. A study of conjugation dependences
LT Cheng, W Tam, SR Marder, AE Stiegman, G Rikken, CW Spangler
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 95 (26), 10643-10652, 1991
Thermal [1, j] sigmatropic rearrangements
CW Spangler
Chemical Reviews 76 (2), 187-217, 1976
Strong cooperative enhancement of two-photon absorption in dendrimers
M Drobizhev, A Karotki, Y Dzenis, A Rebane, Z Suo, CW Spangler
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (31), 7540-7543, 2003
Photoexcited states in poly (p-phenylene vinylene): Comparison with trans, trans-distyrylbenzene, a model oligomer
NF Colaneri, DDC Bradley, RH Friend, PL Burn, AB Holmes, ...
Physical Review B 42 (18), 11670, 1990
Dendrimer molecules with record large two-photon absorption cross section
M Drobizhev, A Karotki, A Rebane, CW Spangler
Optics letters 26 (14), 1081-1083, 2001
Intervalence Electron Transfer in Mixed Valence Diferrocenylpolyenes. Decay Law of the Metal− Metal Coupling with Distance
AC Ribou, JP Launay, ML Sachtleben, H Li, CW Spangler
Inorganic chemistry 35 (13), 3735-3740, 1996
New two-photon activated photodynamic therapy sensitizers induce xenograft tumor regressions after near-IR laser treatment through the body of the host mouse
JR Starkey, AK Rebane, MA Drobizhev, F Meng, A Gong, A Elliott, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 14 (20), 6564-6573, 2008
The 2 1Ag state in the linear polyene 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16‐octadecaoctaene
BE Kohler, C Spangler, C Westerfield
The Journal of chemical physics 89 (9), 5422-5428, 1988
Intervalence transfer in pentammineruthenium complexes of. alpha.,. omega.-dipyridyl polyenes
S Woitellier, JP Launay, CW Spangler
Inorganic Chemistry 28 (4), 758-762, 1989
Enhancement of two-photon absorption in tetrapyrrolic compounds
A Karotki, M Drobizhev, M Kruk, C Spangler, E Nickel, N Mamardashvili, ...
JOSA B 20 (2), 321-332, 2003
Strong two-photon absorption in new asymmetrically substituted porphyrins: interference between charge-transfer and intermediate-resonance pathways
M Drobizhev, F Meng, A Rebane, Y Stepanenko, E Nickel, CW Spangler
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (20), 9802-9814, 2006
Vibronic structure in the optical absorption spectra of phenylene vinylene oligomers: a joint experimental and theoretical study
J Cornil, D Beljonne, Z Shuia, TW Hagler, I Campbell, DDC Bradley, ...
Chemical physics letters 247 (4-6), 425-432, 1995
Intervalence electron transfer in pentaammineruthenium complexes of dipyridylpolyenes, dipyridylthiophene, and dipyridylfuran
AC Ribou, JP Launay, K Takahashi, T Nihira, S Tarutani, CW Spangler
Inorganic Chemistry 33 (7), 1325-1329, 1994
Efficient singlet oxygen generation upon two-photon excitation of new porphyrin with enhanced nonlinear absorption
A Karotki, M Kruk, M Drobizhev, A Rebane, E Nickel, CW Spangler
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 7 (6), 971-975, 2001
The crystal structure of trans, trans-1, 3, 5, 7-octatetraene as a model for fully-ordered trans-polyacetylene
RH Baughman, BE Kohler, IJ Levy, C Spangler
Synthetic metals 11 (1), 37-52, 1985
One-, two-and three-photon spectroscopy of π-conjugated dendrimers: cooperative enhancement and coherent domains
M Drobizhev, A Rebane, Z Suo, CW Spangler
Journal of luminescence 111 (4), 291-305, 2005
Current Rectification in a Langmuir−Schaefer Monolayer of Fullerene-bis-[4-diphenylamino-4‘ ‘-(N-ethyl-N-2‘ ‘‘-ethyl)amino-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene …
A Honciuc, A Jaiswal, A Gong, K Ashworth, CW Spangler, IR Peterson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (2), 857-871, 2005
Second-order nonlinear optical poly (organophosphazenes): synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization
HR Allcock, AA Dembek, C Kim, RLS Devine, Y Shi, WH Steier, ...
Macromolecules 24 (5), 1000-1010, 1991
Preparation of conjugated aromatic polyenals by Wittig oxopropenylation
CW Spangler, RK McCoy
Synthetic Communications 18 (1), 51-59, 1988
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