Russell Brinkworth
Russell Brinkworth
Associate Professor in Autonomous Systems, Flinders University
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First year expectations and experiences: Student and teacher perspectives
R Brinkworth, B McCann, C Matthews, K Nordström
Higher Education 58, 157-173, 2009
Robust models for optic flow coding in natural scenes inspired by insect biology
RSA Brinkworth, DC O'Carroll
PLoS computational biology 5 (11), e1000555, 2009
A method for quantifying reflex responses from intra-muscular and surface electromyogram
RSA Brinkworth, KS Türker
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 122 (2), 179-193, 2003
What do commencing undergraduate students expect from first year university?
S Scutter, E Palmer, A Luzecky, KB Da Silva, R Brinkworth
International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education 2 (1), 2011
The significance of being first: a consideration of cultural capital in relation to" first in family" student's choices of university and program
A Luzeckyj, S King, S Scutter, R Brinkworth
International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education 2, 91-96, 2011
The role of periodontal mechanoreceptors in mastication
KS Türker, PF Sowman, M Tuncer, KJ Tucker, RSA Brinkworth
Archives of oral biology 52 (4), 361-364, 2007
Standardization of H-reflex analyses
RSA Brinkworth, M Tuncer, KJ Tucker, S Jaberzadeh, KS Türker
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Sexual dimorphism in the hoverfly motion vision pathway
K Nordström, PD Barnett, IMM de Miguel, RSA Brinkworth, DC O'Carroll
Current Biology 18 (9), 661-667, 2008
Establishment of paediatric biochemical reference intervals
RSA Brinkworth, E Whitham, H Nazeran
Annals of clinical biochemistry 41 (4), 321-329, 2004
Photoreceptor processing improves salience facilitating small target detection in cluttered scenes
RSA Brinkworth, EL Mah, JP Gray, DC O'Carroll
Journal of vision 8 (11), 8-8, 2008
Fall recovery subactivity recognition with RGB-D cameras
KI Withanage, I Lee, R Brinkworth, S Mackintosh, D Thewlis
IEEE transactions on industrial informatics 12 (6), 2312-2320, 2016
Response of human jaw muscles to axial stimulation of the incisor
RSA Brinkworth, KS Türker, AW Savundra
The Journal of Physiology 547 (1), 233-245, 2003
Performance of a hierarchical temporal memory network in noisy sequence learning
DE Padilla, R Brinkworth, MD McDonnell
2013 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and …, 2013
When touch predicts pain: predictive tactile cues modulate perceived intensity of painful stimulation independent of expectancy
DS Harvie, A Meulders, VJ Madden, SL Hillier, DK Peto, R Brinkworth, ...
Scandinavian Journal of Pain 11 (1), 11-18, 2016
Performance of a bio-inspired model for the robust detection of moving targets in high dynamic range natural scenes
S Wiederman, RSA Brinkworth, DC O'Carroll
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 7 (5), 911-920, 2010
Biomimetic motion detection
RSA Brinkworth, DC O'Carroll
2007 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks …, 2007
Periodontal anaesthesia reduces common 8 Hz input to masseters during isometric biting
PF Sowman, RSA Brinkworth, KS Türker
Experimental brain research 169, 326-337, 2006
Threshold for detection of incisal forces is increased by jaw movement
PF Sowman, RSA Brinkworth, KS Türker
Journal of dental research 89 (4), 395-399, 2010
Implementation of an elaborated neuromorphic model of a biological photoreceptor
EL Mah, RSA Brinkworth, DC O’Carroll
Biological cybernetics 98, 357-369, 2008
A device for investigating neuromuscular control in the human masticatory system
KS Türker, RSA Brinkworth, P Abolfathi, IR Linke, H Nazeran
Journal of neuroscience methods 136 (2), 141-149, 2004
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