Humanities Studies
Humanities Studies
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System analysis of the economy of sustainable development as environmentally balanced and socially oriented one
V Voronkova, N Metelenko, V Nikitenko, I Silina
Humanities Studies, 86-97, 2019
Pseudoscience and information security in smart – society
V Tovarnichenko
Humanities Studies, 15-26, 2019
Concept of flexible management at enterprise in digitalization and lean production conditions
K Zhuravel
Humanities Studies, 98-107, 2019
Strategies of information and innovation activity development at enterprise in digital conditions
O Buhaichuk
Humanities Studies, 75-85, 2019
The impact of digitalization on value orientations changes in the modern digital society
V Nikitenko
Humanities Studies, 80-94, 2019
Position and role of modern economic education as the main megatrend of innovative development of Ukraine
R Oleksenko
Humanities Studies, 169-181, 2019
Basic strategic technology of intellectual duality of humanity in information technology
O Punchenko, N Punchenko
Humanities Studies, 95-114, 2019
Formation ofsustainable digital economical concept: challenges, threats, priorities
V Nikitenko, R Andriukaitiene, O Punchenko
Humanities Studies, 140-153, 2019
Agile-management 3.0 concept as a factor of technological progress development in the digital society
V Melnik
Humanities Studies, 130-139, 2019
Information and innovation technologies as a factor of improving the efficiency of digital economy and business in the Globalization 4.0
A Cherep, V Voronkova, LF Muts, A Fursìn
Humanities Studies, 170-181, 2019
Social philosophical reflection of the individual legal education philosophy as the basis for the democratic society functioning
O Nesterenko, R Oleksenko
Humanities Studies, 165-181, 2020
The impact of digital technologies on the development of human and social capital in the conditions of the digitalized society
M Kyrychenko
Humanities Studies, 108-129, 2019
Culture and civilization: interaction and relationship in the context of social and philosophical analysis
V Nikitenko
Humanities Studies, 49-64, 2020
The impact of globalization on the development of digital technologies and innovations in the conditions of the fourth industrial Revolution 4.0
M Kyrychenko
Humanities Studies, 39-52, 2019
Evolution and further development of the real world in the conditions of technological changes in the context of socio-philosophical discourse
V Nikitenko
Humanities Studies, 60-73, 2020
To the technology of civilizational development: updating the cultural code content
A Danilov
Humanities Studies, 22-29, 2020
Formation of character and image of sportsman as a competitive advantage in mass media
G Akranglyte, R Andriukaitienė, V Bilohur
Humanities Studies, 115-136, 2019
The impact of digitalization and gadgetization on the development of corporate social responsibility in the evolution conditions from globalization to regionalization
O Hantsovskyi
Humanities Studies, 201-215, 2020
Globalization and global governance in the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0)
V Voronkova, O Punchenko, M Azhazha
Humanities Studies, 182-200, 2020
Philosophy of sports as a substance basis for the development of personality and expression of the general essence of competition
V Bilohur, R Andriukaitiene
Humanities Studies, 145-164, 2020
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